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You Need To Try These Top Bra Brands

Off all the lies and faulty facts in this world, one thing always rings true. Numbers and customer reviews don’t lie. If you gather your data accurately you can pinpoint top-selling products in just a few months. What makes those products the overwhelming favorite according to your customers? That question can be a little bit harder to uncover, but with the right surveys and a focused research team, you’re bound to come up with something. That’s what a few women’s fashion decided to do. Compiling customer reviews and broad store data, they identified the top bra brands of 2017 and began to try and uncover what made these labels so famous and widely beloved. Starting from the populist basis they did, there’s no doubt some conjecture went into analyzing why certain brands triumphed while others plummeted to the depths of retail apocalypse, but let’s see what they came up with.

top bra brands
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Famed advocates of the wire-free bra, Wacoal is famous for its beauty and comfort. The company designers are careful to use a wide variety of fabrics, colors, and materials so you can have the best combination possible. Their structure is made of two two-ply cups with a mesh sling between each layer for added support. This sturdy yet flexible blend lifts and separates each cup just right. It won’t ride up and pinch you, stifle and flatten your bust, or kill your back with unnecessary pressure. For ease and function alone, Wacoal deserves the rave reviews it gets. When you add in their stunning designs and the subtle floral texture adorning each product, there’s no question about it. This is a brand you need in your top drawer.

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It should come as no surprise this luxury lingerie company made it to the top of the heap. It’s delicate without feeling flimsy. Despite the laces and decorative trim, you can wear it all day without getting itchy and uncomfortable. These characteristics are what make Natori one of the top bra brands in the industry. Each design combines sexy filigree with effective structure and generous straps that stretch and bend easily to fit your body. No more painfully squeezing into undergarments that look amazing but don’t really fit. Don’t sacrifice your personal comfort to look sexy in a bra. With options like Natori, you can do both.

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If colorful bras are your thing, Elomi is the brand for you. This company does it all, from decorative prints to good old flesh tones. Their versatility doesn’t stop at colors and prints either. You can find various amounts of coverage in their extensive collections. If you prefer thorough support some extra structure in the middle, give their underwire bra a try. Looking for something a little more risqué? The Tia design or strapless bra allow you show off your stuff without feeling pinched and cramped in the process. With no seam across the center, these undergarments are especially perfect for close-fitting tops. Model your wardrobe well this summer!

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Feminine sensitivity is the buzz word at Chantelle Intimates. Though the brand offers a wide range of styles from strapless to sports, their greatest selling point is delicate lace and gentle ornamentation. One of the most notable designs features a simple pinky flesh tone bra covered in a floral mesh webbing. Another features a shiny outer print that evokes the delicate veins of a butterfly’s wing. Yet more proof sexy bras don’t need to be itchy and stifling. Give this one a try in the bedroom.

Calvin Klein
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Simple, sexy, and covered in advertising, this may be the most surprising company to find on a list of top bra brands. Calvin Klein has a history of racy marketing campaigns and television spots, which is typically an indicator that the company cares more about photogenic flair than function or comfort. Turns out the contemporary minimalism of 21st-century Klein is guiding the brand in a new direction more favorable to consumers who value bras that fit. In 2017, you can wear high-end labels and still keep comfy.

The top bra brands of 2017 are all strong candidates for your undergarment collection. If you’re really in need of new bras, buy one of each. Your bust is worth a little splurge.




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