All About Richard Magazine

Richard Magazine merges the bridges between fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and pop culture. The topics that our witty writers and video producers cover range from Fashion Style Guides, Tips For Your Morning Makeup Routine, Thrift Store Tips, and Make Up Dos and Dont’s. On Richard Magazine, you will find out the latest fashion trends, read about life hacks to improve your daily living, and take quizzes to stay sharp.

The Richard Magazine Staff

Richard Magazine is composed of a strong team of writers, programmers, and video production experts. We are passionate about the latest in fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. Through our combined efforts of awesomeness, we are able to produce unique content amongst the masses of lifestyle and fashion blogs crowding the Internet. We try to be awesome, so you can be too.

Richard Magazine Team:

Executive Director/Producer: Thomas Wolosik

Web Content Manager: Kristine Hope Kowalski

PR Coordinator: Crystal Almonte

Lead Graphic Designer: Alvaro Vasquez

Media Manager: Walter Bilyakovskyy

Video Production: Alan Clarin, Oscar Torres, Michael Reyes

Web Development: Gian Tomakin, John Bain, Shomit Naik

Contributing Writers: Alice Becker, Julie Grossman, Tina Jepson, Claire Nolan, Scarlett Price, Donna Rolando, Catherine Stansfield, Kathleen Wolak, Nathan Young