Sundrop Jewelry

Sundrop Jewelry Uses Sun-Melted Recycled Glass Bottles to Make Unique Accessories

Accessories are a deeply personal way to express your style. After all, you can glam up the look of the simplest outfit through your creative accessorization, or show off your flair for fine art through your necklace or earring choices. You can also make a statement about the causes you care about – like sustainability in fashion and environmentally-friendly craftsmanship. That’s why we’re excited to spotlight an eco-friendly glass accessories brand called Sundrop Jewelry.

Artist and Sundrop Jewelry owner Tawny Reynolds designs a mix of beautiful, minimalist earrings and bold statement accessories using recycled bottles and metals. The brand’s pieces are inspired by glowing sunlight shining through stained glass windows, and elegantly serene raindrops – both of which go beyond inspirations to become the very way the pieces themselves are made.

Each “drop of glass” used in this company’s designs is handcrafted in the artist’s own backyard studio in Berkeley, California.

Sundrop JewelryKelly Green Perseid Necklace, $300

In order to sun-melt glass for the jewelry designs, a giant, three-foot magnifying glass is used to focus sunshine up to 3,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The high heat melts recycled bottles and stained glass so they can be used in the creation of beautiful new jewelry items, like drop earrings, pendant necklaces, chokers, and more. To get all of the different colors in the line – from bold blues and magentas to delicate pale pinks and striking ultraviolets –

All of the glass pieces are then paired with 100% recycled, tarnish-resistant, and nickel-free Argentium silver that’s brighter and easier to take care of than traditional sterling silver.

Sundrop JewelryLyra Silver Spiral Earrings in Turquoise, $60

The best part is that the creations from Sundrop Jewelry are lightweight and affordably-priced, meaning they are easy to wear – and gift! Pieces start at around $40, which is quite the impressive price point for one-of-a-kind, artisan-crafted, and sustainably handmade jewelry items. Plus, you know there’s a conversation-starting story behind every piece!

Sundrop JewelrySilver Kite Earrings in Pink, $65

You can shop your favorite Sundrop Jewelry picks on the brand’s website now.

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