Style Guide for Women | Fall 2016

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This style guide for women will have you looking chic and trendy for Fall 2016. Toss the pastel cocktail dresses and egg-white sandals in the closet for another year and dig out the earth tone cardigans, purple jumpers, and leather jackets. With fashion week rapidly approaching, it’s time to venture out on a seasonal shopping spree. This fall, the fashion world has declared some thrilling trends that will inspire you to obviously disown everything you currently have in your closet in favor of the bold, vintage statements that are taking fashionistas by storm. Whether you’re ready for a retro redo or a modern makeover, here are the hottest fall fashion items for women.

Navy-Inspired (Military)

Let’s start with a fall fashion trend for everyone. Navy is “in” this fall! By that we mean items inspired by the military style and the shade of blue. A pinstriped navy blazer is a sleek addition to your formal fall wardrobe this year. You can create a more daring look by pairing it with leather riding boots.

Animal Prints

Animal prints continue to trend with a focus on leopard this season. Whether it’s a fur coat or platform shoes (we’ll get to this in a second) incorporate leopard print into your fall-wear.

Bowie Boots

David Bowie may be gone, but his styles live on. This is just one of many retro vintage fashion looks you can get away with this fall. Look into designs and prints, as mentioned before, to really hone in the swag of Ziggy Stardust.

Tiers and Layers

Decadent kitsch skirts in layers will highlight many outfits this year. Try pleated dresses and dark pastels for starters.

Floral Patterns

Remember the 90s? Well, good because 90s fashion is back. Those old florals designs are back, particularly on slips and dresses. Use florals early in the fall for brunch dates or picnic parties.

Shearling Bomber/Biker Jacket

For the men, the James Dean Bomber is back. For the ladies, comfy shearling jackets are stylish statements this year. Let’s go 50s rogue!

Period Pieces

There is a renaissance occurring for women’s fall fashion. Velvets, bell sleeves, and corsets are popping up on runways around the world. Get creative and add some bohemian, upholstery-esque prints to your formal look this fall.


Give that sweater a sweeping makeover and try capelets this season. Subtle and bold, casual and formal, these are great cover-up options for many occasions.

Statement Choker

Another 90s style throwback. This time around, try a sophisticated gold choker rather than the crappy black plastic ones you used to rock back in your Gen-X mallrat days.


They can be formal, business casual, or bar-worthy depending on the suit’s cut and accessories. Pinstripes and plaids are the favored patterns, but a suit of (nearly) any pattern is a hot fall look this season.

Extra Long Sleeves

Keeping cozy just got stylish. Let those sleeves loose if you want to!


Now be aware, frat boy hoodies don’t flatter anyone. However, a nice sleek tracksuit style is a good use of this trend. Velvet also adds some class. Give extra attention to the dimensions of the hoodie to keep things fresh. Crop top hoodies and oversized ones will make your outfit standout.

The Eighties

Take a breath. Now, dive into your parent’s clothes donation bag. We know balloon sleeves and 80s glamor are gaudy, but we’ll call them chic for this fall’s club hopping.

One-Shoulder Dress

Show some sexy shoulder off at casual parties this fall. If you want to show shoulder in a formal setting, try an off-the-shoulder look. #ShoulderPower, anyone?

Pink and Yellow

They’re bright candy colors with a summer vibe, but add them to your fall palette this year. It’s an excuse to dress fuse your wardrobes together, if nothing else.


You can shine in other ways too. Glossy gowns and jackets are out to make you shimmer like the stars. Or like that guy from Tonga in the Olympic parade…


They’re simple to work with since there is no tying involved. Whether it’s a shoes or a jacket, embrace straps as a trend this fall. How often do you get to say fashion makes your life easier?

Pumpkin Spice

In more formal circles, it’s calling “orange and wine,” but at Style Tipster we love our pumpkin spice. Whatever the terminology, it’s an excellent fall choice that will match your morning beverage.

Metallic Skirts

It’s a futuristic sheen that’s surprisingly comfortable to move around in. It may sound like an unusual variation on the pencil skirt, but it’s certainly better than, well, an outdated pencil skirt.

Kelly Green

Bold, beautiful, and pure, it will be a nice reminder of the summer that’s fading. Ye might get some Irish lovin’ too!

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