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Squiggle Eyebrows Are Instagram’s Latest Viral Beauty Trend

I don’t know what to tell you. We’ve been through some wild beauty trends in the past few years, but nothing like the newest eyebrow-raising look gaining traction on social media. 2017’s addition to the viral beauty canon is none other than squiggle eyebrows, wiggly lines clipped and drawn to look like some kooky Halloween vampire. Strange thing is, Halloween is months away and people are already started wearing these bizarre eyebrows to work. For some reason, squiggle eyebrows have managed to bridge the gap between laughable viral content and edgy justifiable trend. This revolutionary status means perhaps you should give the look a go before the craze dies away. You know, just so you can say you did when we look back next year. For inspiration and peer pressure, here are the best squiggle eyebrows on Instagram this fall.

New Brow trend??? When you're tired of being basic. Somebody dare me to go out like this 🌊 @melovemealot vibezz

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We’ll start with a beauty guru who went all in. Promise Tamang went full-on wiggly with a pronounced eyebrow trim and cartoon lips. Please don’t go this far unless you want thin wavy brows for a few months.


You don’t have to clip your brows to get the squiggles going. Use an eyebrow pencil instead and meticulously drawn in those wavy contours. Want to highlight the shape even more? Try Hannah’s tip and use a flesh-toned outline to make your work pop.

Wavy brows 🤔new trend? @slayagebyjess using #Dipbrow in Dark Brown ✨Swipe left @amarieproctor using #Dipbrow in Ebony

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If you’re going to brave the art of squiggle eyebrows, do it with glam and finesse like Anastasia. This beauty guru turned to her trust brow brush to craft the look, combing out beautiful crests of hair to give the look a flowing, textured feel.



Use your brush with the right level of finesse and you won’t have to worry about thinning your brows before embracing a wiggle line. In fact, if you take the time, squiggle eyebrows will emphasize your brow color. Not bad for a viral trend.

Wavy brows 〰〰 #wavybrows#trends#crazygirl#makeup

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Let me guess. The more you see wavy brows, the less shocking they seem. Now you understand the beauty world’s confusion. These odd squiggles could work out in public. Using complementary shadow and eye makeup like Tali here will tie in snake-shaped eyebrows even better.

This is funny…😂 I look weird!!! #wavechallenge🌊 #waveeyebrows #wavyeyebrows #wavylips #waves #wavyhair #waveshair

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These eyebrows look thick and pasted on, a technique you don’t want to imitate. What’s worthy of note is the lips. If you’re planning to try the lettuce edge on your eyebrows, why not go big and hop on the squiggle lips bandwagon too? It only needs to be for one night.


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Combing your brows into a squiggly line will probably leave an impact on whoever sees you, but they might just call you crazy. With a little water, you can highlight those meticulous brush strokes and show off your craft as well as your grip on trends.


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As if commenting on the practicality of squiggle eyebrows, this beauty guru painted her face to say the look was best left for Halloween costumes and costume parties. What do you think? Can wiggly brows ever get over its oddness and viral origin?

No one can decide whether squiggle eyebrows are here to stay. Whether they are or not, they’re certainly here now. So, the question is, will you join in the fun or miss the “It” viral trend of 2017? Choose wisely. Instagram is waiting.



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