Spectrum Little Mermaid Disney Collaboration

Spectrum Unveils Little Mermaid-Themed Disney Makeup Brush Collaboration

Mermaid beauty trends couldn’t be hotter. But how would you like to have a little special under-the-sea Disney princess inspiration in your makeup brushes and bags? The latest collaboration to deliver lots of neat stuff is UK-based brand Spectrum‘s insanely cute new Little Mermaid line. As part of this launch, you will be able to find colorful brushes inspired by the ocean, makeup cases that look like sparkling treasure chests, and clamshell-style bags adorned with images of Ariel – and her nemesis Ursula.

“It is an incredible honor to be working with a global brand so rich in heritage,” Hannah Pycroft, co-founder of Spectrum Collections said in a statement about her and her sister Sophie‘s new collection. “We love Disney and the nostalgia it brings which has inspired our collections. It really is a dream come true for Sophie, myself and the team.”

“We grew up with Disney and for us it represents a magical, colorful and inspirational world. Combined with our own experience of starting in a garage and rising to great success along with how Disney inspires everyone to ‘dream big’, hopefully the collection is inspirational to our customers and fans of both brands,” Pycroft added. “We’re really excited to be able to offer a piece of nostalgia, combined with on-trend design and ethical material choices which we hope will be a hit with consumers spanning generations.”

Click through the gallery below to see product shots from the Spectrum Little Mermaid collection.

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Just when you thought these Disney-inspired makeup products couldn’t get any better: there’s more! The Spectrum brand has pledged to donate 1% of the revenue from sales to Plastic Bank, a charitable organization that arranges ocean plastic cleanup events. What better tribute to the sea could there be?

So far, this fin-tastic beauty collaboration is only available in the UK and Ireland, but we are holding out hope that it quickly goes global. If you happen to be in these locations, you can shop these hot ticket items on the brand’s website – but catch them quick before they sell out!

Check out the Spectrum Little Mermaid Disney collaboration debut video in the brand’s Instagram post below.

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