Rihanna's beauty line

Get Excited About Rihanna’s Beauty Line with Fenty

There’s a lot of buzz about Rihanna’s beauty line with Fenty. It’s probably because the partnership is producing some pretty buzz-worthy rumors. There’s a submission site for potential talent, a stick of trendy new lipstick, and plenty of anticipatory hype. If her past collaboration with Fenty is anything to go by, this pop queen is going to be one of the year’s biggest celebrity names in makeup . Analyzing the information we know so far might not paint a very complete picture yet, but it will satisfy your appetites while we wait for it to debut. Here are all the things to love about Rihanna x Fenty so far.

Rihanna's beauty line
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When Rihanna chose to launch her Puma collection at Paris’s Hôtel Salomon de Rothschild, we were impressed. It was an unexpectedly classy move. The singer let loose her inner Marie Antoinette in those regal halls, re-interpreting finessed French fashion as 2016 streetwear. Her clothing line included corset-like athleisure outfits, baggy brocade boilersuits, and skin-tight flared track pants. For a first fashion outing, the outfits were intelligent and surprisingly innovative. It seems this icon of pop is also a fashion goddess.

Rihanna's beauty line
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Rihanna mixed her fashion sense with foresight when designing high-end sneakers to accompany her Fenty x Puma clothing. The platform sneaker didn’t become a mainstream fashion look until early this year. Rihanna’s decision to include the untested look in her Paris collection is proof of her bold awareness of emerging fashion trends. This is one of the key reasons people can’t wait for Rihanna’s beauty line debut. Hopefully, her products will have the same impact on beauty that her clothing and footwear had on the fashion world.

Rihanna's beauty line
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The first product revealed from Rihanna’s beauty line gives us reason to believe she will be as savvy with her makeup styles as she was with fashion. In February, Fenty announced Rihanna’s line would feature a hologram lipstick. If you’ve been keeping up with Richard Magazine and beauty blog tutorials, you know holographic finishes are the next big thing in lip gloss. With the Rihanna and Fenty collaboration scheduled to launch mid-fall, you can bet holograms will be around until at least 2018. The big question is if her whole collection will be holographically themed. Guess we’ll have to wait and see what other pre-release hints the collaborators drop. If you want to practice your holographic look before Rihanna’s beauty line launches, there are plenty of products to test it out with. How about this La Crème Color Drenched Lip Cream from Too Faced?

Rihanna's beauty line
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Rihanna’s beauty line is going to be the launch collection for Fenty’s new Beauty department. This means there are quite a few new faces circulating at company headquarters. Kendo Holdings, Inc., the big beauty brand developer behind Kat Von D and Marc Jacobs Beauty, want more. To find the perfect global makeup artist for Rihanna’s Fenty beauty line, Kendo Holdings is spearheading a groundbreaking search for fresh talent to help with the brand’s 2017 launch. It’s the golden ticket if you want a career in high-end beauty! Do you have what it takes to be the artist for this incredible beauty line? Book a slot here and you could be collaborating with Rihanna in a matter of months.

Rihanna left a big mark on the beauty industry with her 2016 fashion line. In 2017, she’s going to triumph in beauty as well. In an industry littered with wannabe celebrity fashionistas, this queen of pop is a welcome breath of fresh air.


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