Patrick Pham Presents Fall/Winter 2019 Show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week

There is no shortage of dazzling gold and rich global history in the newly-unveiled Patrick Pham Fall/Winter 2019/20 collection, titled “Pearl of the Far East,” which made its runway debut this season of Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week. The designer’s latest work is inspired by the Far East, and features handmade and environmentally-friendly Vietnamese textiles and accessories from Hue artisans and exceptional materials.

In his show notes, the designer explained the use of “Lanh My A,” silk weaving product dyed from Diospyros Mollis fruit, locally known as “mặc nưa”. The material has historically been used in the costumes of the royal families in Cambodia, Laos, and Thailand, or as a premiere luxury gift item among the wealthy class. The designer has used this silk to tell his own captivating stories of royalty.

Patrick Pham Fall/Winter 2019

“Once upon a time in the history of Vietnam, there had been a beautiful weaver who was chosen to marry to the Prince and become the Queen. People called her Queen Y Lan. Queen Y Lan is one of the most famous and beloved queens with a caring heart for her people,” the designer shared in a press release. “She was honored as the founding ancestor of silk weaving for teaching her people to plant mulberry, raise silkworm, and weave silk. As the tradition goes, every Vietnamese girl grows up knowing how to weave cloth, embroider, and sew. Fabrics seem to inherit their personalities and destiny from those ivory-like hands. The fabric and silk is indeed a cultural reflection of a multi-ethnic nation.”

In this season’s collection, Patrick Pham also created a special wedding dress using elegant silk from hyacinth flowers that is worth looking out for! Hyacinth flowers on wedding dress – gentle but elegant.

Click through the gallery below to view photos from the Patrick Pham Fall/Winter 2019 collection runway show at Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week.

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