Memorable Moments From the Oscars 2017 That Don’t Involve Mistaken Envelopes

If you don’t know who won at the Oscars 2017, you need to get out more. Complete winner lists are in every newspaper and scattered across the Internet. You probably know the biggest story of the night by now too, how a misplaced envelope got into the wrong hands and made what could have been a great surprise upset into a very weird fiasco. Since you know all these major stories, Richard Magazine isn’t going to regurgitate them. We’re not going to run through all the red carpet dresses you’ve already seen either. Instead, we’re going to celebrate our favorite little moments from last night surprising ceremony. Here’s what what stood out to us.

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It’s been quite an awards season for Meryl Streep. After her impassioned speech at the Golden Globes back in January, she’s been called everything from bold to crazy. In honor of her incredible career and recent political activism, host Jimmy Kimmel encouraged everyone in attendance last night to stand and give Streep a thunderous applause for her “hyped-up” and “overvalued” legacy. It was an “over-indulgent” moment of Hollywood solidarity that set the perfect tone for the Oscars 2017.

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The Oscars 2017 Justin Timberlake opening was just a little bit strange. First, the song he was nominated for was a new hit months ago. Everyone knew the song so well Timberlake’s familiar performance was a little underwhelming. His slot as the opening act was also less of a surprise than it should have been. ABC’s red carpet team accidently spilled the beans about an hour before the ceremony began. Finally, the celebrity crowd in their designer dresses and sharp tuxedos clearly felt out of place as Timberlake danced among them in the aisles. While his energy and pop were thrilling once he got to the stage, this Most Enthusiastic Dancer award isn’t quite as flattering as it sounds.

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No one quite knew what to do with Kidman’s parrot-shouldered gown at the SAG Awards. Her slim, simple dress last night fared much better. For the Oscars 2017 red carpet, the Australian actress wore an nude Armani Prive gown embroidered with traditional Indian design. One of the key charms with this dress was its subtle reference to the Indian themes in Kidman’s film Lion. Though Nicole’s graceful demeanor helped this dress rise to red carpet glory, her sharp-minded stylist Julia von Boehm also played a big role in her wardrobe’s success.

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The Elie Saab Haute Couture is known for metallic, jewelry-heavy designs. While their looks have garnered prestigious praise on the fashion runway,  not every dress works in a red carpet setting. Just look at Monáe. Covered in scattered silver and gold adornments, she quickly became one of the most discussed fashionstas at the Oscars 2017. The layers of tulle, beads, sequins, and crystals were more distracting than flattering. Her choice seemed chaotic on the unusually tame 2017 runway. It’s a pity. The actress usually has spot-on fashion sense. If Monáe had leaned a little more toward futuristic fashion or classic red carpet couture the look could have been a big hit.

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Berry  is always an Oscar winner. She picks a stunning outfit every year and her victory speech in 2002 is still one of the ceremony’s best all-time highlights. Last night, she wowed us again with an awesome fizzy fro. This is the first time Berry has let her perfectly-fashioned curls bounce free on the red carpet. Usually, she’s one of those ladies who rocks a short haircut. At the Oscars 2017, her defined ripples and tightly-wound swirls reminded us of 70s afros and a sexy, attractive Medusa. It’s rare for hair to take central stage on the red carpet. Maybe this is the beginning of a new trend…

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You probably won’t post this Oscar moment on your fashion blog, but Davis’s acceptance speech for Best Supporting Actress was incredible. In tears, she praised Fences writer August Wilson for how he “exhumed and exalted the ordinary people.” It was one of those speeches that redefines how people see art. “The stories of the people who dream big and never saw those dreams to fruition,” continued Davis. “People who fell in love and lost. I became an artist and thank god I did because we are the only profession that celebrates what it means to live a life.” If you only watch one moment from the Oscars 2017, let it be this speech. Davis is far more gratifying than watching Warren Beatty confuse an auditorium of celebrities.

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It’s no surprise Ryan Gosling waltzed in with one of the best suits at the Oscars 2017. He’s always wowing us with his fashion sense. To add some flair to his tux, the dapper fellow wore a shirt with black-edged ruffles. Combine that with his expert manscaping and chic bowtie and you have some super sexy red carpet fashion. Ironically, the fact that Gosling’s outfit stood out is proof Oscar men need to step up their game. If all of Hollywood’s guys had experimented with different colored suits and interesting button-downs, men’s red carpet fashion would be a lot more fun.

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In the second weirdest event of the evening, Jimmy Kimmel had a bus full of tourists walk into the ceremony thinking it was a museum exhibit. Imagine their surprise when they realized they were in the same room as Meryl Streep and Denzel Washington! Critics argue the stunt lasted too long, but regardless of what you think about the tourist gag, it gave us our next unwitting civilian hero. Give a warm welcome to the official Ken Bone of 2017: Gary.

And there you have it. That’s Richard Magazine’s After-Oscars countdown for 2017. Clearly, there was far more to the ceremony than a mixed-up envelope. Unfortunately, those awkward final five minutes are all anyone’s going to remember by May.



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