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These Nude Heels From Christian Louboutin Are Causing A Stir

Christian Louboutin is a trailblazer. He’s always chasing something out of the ordinary, whether it be nude pumps in 2013 or aggressive stiletto in 1981. The impressive thing about his eagerness to defy convention and authority is how he has redirected each raw craving into his work as a designer. As an accomplished artist like he always dreamed, Louboutin has left behind running away from institutions and acting in cult classics to focus his passionate discontent into fashion design. This year, despite the mixed feelings with which most of the fashion world consider nude attire, Louboutin has persevered and given us two stunning new additions to his acclaimed seven shade Nudes Collection. If skin tone dresses and flesh-colored tights are too much nude for you to handle, slip on one a pair of Christian’s high-heel alternatives.

christeriva christian louboutin
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Paying homage to the shoe that inspired him to become a footwear designer back in 1976, Louboutin’s new Christeriva heel is a ballet-inspired stiletto design. It combines espadrille lace and a playful bow with the sleek, sexy heel you’d expect on a true stiletto. It may be $875, but what more do you expect of a Louboutin? Elegant yet coy, this is a decadent party shoe if we ever saw one.

cherrysandal christian louboutin
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Yes. Christian Louboutin does clump both words together in the official name of his second high-heeled beach sandal to debut this summer. Featuring a slightly more professional ankle strap and chunky platform, this curved design is unmistakably a product of 80s nostalgia. Platform shoes, anyone? Added to the vintage wink is a hint of illusion brought on by the transparent PVC slingbacks designed to hold your heel in place. If you prefer thick heels to thin, this should be your summer Louboutin of choice.

Nude Collection Christian Louboutin
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When Christian Louboutin first debuted his Nudes Collection, it featured five distinct colors. Since then, the collection of shades has grown to seven. This may be the key to Louboutin’s surprising success with nude fashion. By embracing the diversity of human skin tones, everything flesh-colored item this brand offers feel nuanced and personal, a perfect reflection of the customization trend sweeping the fashion and beauty industries.

We won’t make some dramatic plea to in favor of the nude color palette, but do check out Louboutin’s other brownish-tan offerings. The brand has multiple trendy items in its seven-color collection including delicate ballet flats that are to die for. What can we say? If anyone’s going to make nude shoes go mainstream, it’s this iconoclastic Frenchman.


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