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Revamp Your Hairstyle With These Nifty Curling Tools

Leave your lobs, bobs, and cascading locks of straight hair. Let down those fairy tale braids and tightly woven pigtails. It’s time to embrace that secret love of curls you’ve been fostering and let it run wild in your gorgeous tresses. The way we phrased it makes the whole process sound more grandiose than styling your hair could ever be, but even so, there is something big and exciting about whipping out your curler to transform your tame summer hairstyle into a voluminous curly tower. It’s refreshing, like some new facial cleanser or sweatpants right out of the dryer. A truly irresistible style makeover for the approaching fall. To assure your new hairdo can be done up in peak form, you need excellent gadgets to curl, wave, and crimp those stubborn locks of hair. These tools will help you do just that before the last strains of summer die away.

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Built with hungry jaws ready to devour your glossy straight hair, this strange-looking contraption isn’t nearly as dangerous as it appears. A simple air current sucks section of your hair into the motorized chamber where they are heated to 400 degrees and worked into a beautiful curl. Then the gadget spits them out spiraled to perfection. If the look is too curly for your liking, one firm brush from root to tip will flatten the tight spiral into a wave.

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In the world of pro hair stylists, no one uses a single iron to craft convincing waves. This tool gives you the luxury of options so you don’t have to settle for amateur styling. The combination of sizes will help you create a dimensional curly look with various styles of tousled tendrils. Short of multi-million-dollar celebrity makeovers, this is the finest curling treatment you can get at home.

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Imagine a gadget you could use to create curls, waves, and straight strands for sturdy confidence. You just described the versatile Tyme Iron, a tool with so many tricks up its sleeve you could spend months learning each secret. To save some time, sign up for their virtual styling sessions. Why not improve your hairstyle skills and technological beauty prowess at the same time, right?

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If gigantic hair is your style of preference, swap your curling iron for some hot rollers. They have long-standing legacy and reputation for creating voluminous, lasting curls. Each cylinder contains a ceramic heater and aluminum core for maximal staying power. Get those bouncy curls in order quick and simple just like a trained stylist.

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Beauticians at the Remington company headquarters came up with a nifty idea for the brand’s signature release of 2017. Their new wand plays off the structure of your hair. You can heat the wand’s base to your desired temperature while the tip remains 20 degrees cooler. This cuts down on the hair damage inflicted by excessive heat without sacrificing a tightly wound curling job.

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Shaped more like a blowdryer than hair curler, the CurlBar is carefully designed to help you get maximum use as you go about your curling routine. It’s not all bad for your curling regimen to be a bicep workout, but too much of such a thing can get tiring fast. Pick a tool that will save you energy, not sap the strength from your muscles.

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It’s an ionic blow dryer, round brush, and ceramic curling iron all in one. Even better, each multi-purpose bristle comes tinged with a rubbery pink tip for kicks and giggles. If you’re running around all the time and need a compact hair gadget to keep your tresses under control, this bouncy blowout tool is just the apparatus for you.

When curls are in, gadgets are in too. These impressive tools will help generate some epic curls and keep your blowout under control. It’s a one-two punch you can’t afford to miss. Get busy and let your bouncy look do its thing.


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