Met Gala hair looks

Who Needs Hats When You’ve Got Met Gala Hair Looks?

You can learn a surprising amount from last night’s Met Gala hair looks. The annual red carpet event may be centered around fashion, but there are beauty lessons hidden among its outlandish outfits. In many ways, it’s the definitive guide to trendy hairstyles. Red carpet regulars are smart enough not to dump vials of glitter in their hair. Since a certain level of sophistication is expected at the Met Gala, it’s the perfect event to tame wacky Instagram trends. Spare yourself a weird Coachella hairstyle and use these Met Gala hair looks to craft a hairdo you can wear to both festivals and weddings. You don’t need rebellious Coachella vibes to be bold and innovative. 

Met gala hair looks
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Neon hair burst on the scene at Coachella. Next to glitter roots and colored hair carving, acidic colors seemed to be the dye of choice. If you prefer not to go neon but are dying to try the highlighter trend, let Donatella Versace be your teacher. Look at her acid yellow highlights. They meld with her light blonde hair for a neon look that stands out without screaming too loud. Find a neon dye that complements your natural hair coloring. If you make the transition from hair color to dye a gentle progression, you can get away with neon in almost any situation.

met gala
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The 70s have returned in wardrobes all across the world. If Met Gala hair looks are any indication, disco vintage is back in the beauty world too. Got some voluminous curls bouncing about in need of styling? Go for a side part and let them poof out over your shoulders. It’s a sexy do-up for classy summer soirees and legitimate cocktail parties, and you’ll even turn heads at casual get-togethers and Friday night happy hour. At the Met Gala, who better to demonstrate the power of disco curls than Rose Byrne? It’s the perfect fusion of her talents as a dramatic and comedic actress.

met gala
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Cara Delevingne is no stranger to the controversial spotlight. Whether her up-and-down career or that strange Hollywood interview, she always ends up causing an unexpected stir. Her red carpet walk at the Met Gala last night was no different. Leaving her hair on the salon floor, Delevingne strutted in with a bald head covered in silver paint and glitter. It’s a look you can imitate but probably shouldn’t duplicate. If neon hair is too extreme for everyday life, painting a silver helmet on your bald head would be pure insanity. Settle for a paint-free bald look and leave body paint to rebellious stars.

met gala hair looks
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You could just tie a simple ponytail and be done with it, but fishtails are the hair tie of choice in 2017. Thicker and more decorative than traditional braids, they’re a tidy medium between casual tie-backs and thick clumped styles like dreadlocks. Fishtails come in both ponytail and pigtail varieties. This wrap-around style from Sofia Sanchez stood out from other Met Gala hair looks because it managed to take a simple idea and make it look complex. That’s another reason you should try a fishtail braid. It will look like you put more work into your hairstyle than you actually did. That’s a great little trick to pull at any public function.

met gala 2017
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It may be impractical, but this iconic hairstyle first popularized by Popeye’s Olive Oyl was on rare display last night. Dozens of stars tied their hair into a towered series of knots at the top of their head. Though there were plenty honorable mentions when it came to the Met Gala topknot, Hailee Steinfeld bested everyone with her ornate yet subtle hairdo. It seemed like the red carpet version of a feminine mohawk. Be selective when you try this trendy hairdo. It’s weird, but if you’re looking for a few extra inches and a noteworthy hairdo, it just might be your thing.

Don’t let anyone tell you the Met Gala is only good from crazy fashion. These Met Gala hair looks will boost your summer style with the best of both the good and the wild.


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