Laura Spörerova – NYFW Spring 2018 Ready-To-Wear

There’s never a dull moment during Couture Fashion Week in NYC, and so was the case with the new Laura Spörerova designs presented at the Crowne Plaza. Artistic expression comes naturally for Slovakia-born Laura Spörerova, the heart and soul of Labeyond Arts. Her creativity and definite edge are reflected throughout the extensive design collection. Although her background is in photography and painting, she seamlessly incorporated a number of bright, visual elements and a Mokummer-influence into her distinct fashion designs. By mixing multiple mediums into each look, she pushes the envelope in all the right ways to be both thought-provoking and authentically beautiful.

The fashion world sees a lot of headwear variations, but nothing quite like what we saw on this stage. This collection is obviously meant to be provocative. Horns and bright floral creations were on display alongside syringe-crested headbands and cherub crowns. Why? The question really is: why not?

Masks and ornate headwear may be the bread and butter for the design branch of Labeyond Arts, but it’s virtually impossible to overlook the intricate designs on each clothing item. Laura transforms seemingly go-to pieces like a simple pair of jeans, a black bustier, and a pink silk blouse into pure, wearable graphic art.

She claims “colors are my army” and there’s no denying that. But the color here does more than just enhance each design— it’s the vehicle for Laura to create life in her work based on her inspiration at the moment. It’s the rainbow billows, poignant phrases (“My War Is Not A Crime”), and realistic portraits she realizes on the materials that inspire.

If controversy is king, Laura Spörerova is on her way to ruling the world of couture fashion. We’re just excited to be along for the ride.

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