ladies who wear Chanel perfectly

11 Celebrity Ladies Who Wear Chanel Perfectly

Chanel is one of those brands that’s so iconic, it makes the people who wear it famous. You know what we mean. Think of all those jealous looks you get when you’re flaunting a new brand name bag or strutting in Karl Lagerfeld’s latest dress and pointy-toed stilettos. You could look horrible and have forgotten to shower, but people will still watch you because you’re toting coveted Chanel products. If that’s the case in everyday life, just imagine how incredible the effect must be when a Hollywood star who wear this label perfectly slips on their latest outfit and heads out for an event. They become a hub of haute couture, entertainment, and cultural significance. Who knew monochrome, tweeds, and jersey stripes could be so luxurious and transformative. To demonstrate our point even further, let’s have a look at the ladies who wore Coco and Karl best this year. All you Chanel aficionados out there, this is for you.

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Is it the new straight hair or her beautiful skin? Either way, Emma has a way of pulling of Chanel like nobody else can. Whether it’s a gown or slim jeans, we’re always impressed.

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She’s already been instrumental in helping Chanel market their classic perfume to a younger audience. Now, she’s rocking the label’s dresses with that same millennial confidence.

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Kristen is all about trousers and crop tops. An unconventional Chanel girl, she has been key in helping usher Karl Lagerfeld into the current era of androgynous fashion.

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If you thought Kristen was an atypical champion for the Chanel company, Willow will blow you away. Steering clear of traditional black, this star is all about colorful designs from the brand.

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Both the 70s and 90s play a significant role in Rowan’s fashion choices. She is the epitome of vintage chic and expands upon Chanel’s aesthetic with her unique blend of old and new styles.

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Alexa is just beginning to emerge as a recognizable star, but her young career hasn’t stopped her from being one of Chanel’s top models. Any officewear debut, you know she’s going to rock it.

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The modern LBD has many stars in its grasp, but no one looks quite as good in the Jazz Age design as Sam. She makes us all believe in the timeless power of 20s fashion.

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Maybe it’s her tendency to play characters from vastly different eras of history, but for whatever reason Keira always seems to feel at home in bold, unique clothing. She is the ultimate celebrity muse for Karl Lagerfeld’s flights of fancy.

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When it’s time to ditch the somber blacks for glowing whites and playful florals, call in Elle. The middle Fanning child has a fair complexion and innocent air that makes her perfect for Chanel’s light-hearted offerings.

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Not to be overshadowed by her younger sister, Dakota is also a Chanel girl with significant clout. More dangerous than Elle, she thrives in the brand’s more exotic designs like this feathery LBD.

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Last, but not least, how could you go through the best Chanel women without mentioning Kendall. She’s worn everything from casual black jeans to this sleek black and white ensemble.

Whether you’re looking for your next Chanel fix of simply ogling the brand’s expensive wares, Chanel’s leading ladies are very rewarding to watch. You can feel the legacy of Coco being passed on generation after generation through these women. Who will be next in this line of haute couture heiresses? Wait a few years and we’ll see.


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