Kylie Cosmetics OG Trio

Kylie Cosmetics Debuts OG Trio Set Of Brand’s Original Lip Kit Colors

It’s likely that when Kylie Jenner first founded her makeup company Kylie Cosmetics back in November 2015, she couldn’t have even imagined the success it would have. Of course, her popularity is undeniable – but many of her fans instantly supported her business venture, and quickly grew to love her beauty products. Now, her product range includes several different lipstick formulas, eyeshadow palettes, blushes, eyeliners, highlighters, and more. Her offerings are growing by the day. But when the brand first launched, it was composed of only three Lip Kit colors: Dolce KCandy K, and True Brown K. Now, the starlet is paying tribute to those early days by launching those shades as the special Kylie Cosmetics OG Trio.

Kylie Cosmetics OG Trio

That’s right: Kylie’s latest product drop takes us way back to her beginnings. Even with all of her successful Lip Kit launches in the years since her debut, one could argue that her foundational colors are the essential classic shades that you need in your wardrobe. Candy K is an ultra-flattering warm pinky nude, Dolce K is described as a deep chocolate brown, and (my personal favorite) Dolce K is a deep beige nude that instantly elevates any look.

We have loved the idea of a coordinating trio ever since Kylie debuted her Valentine’s Day perfect pink set earlier this year. But there’s nothing like the originals! You can pick up all three (minus their matching lip liner counterparts) as part of the Kylie Cosmetics OG Trio for $36.

This is a great way to try out some of the brand’s most popular shades if you haven’t already given them a go, or to restock your most-used products!

No need to wait for a seasonal drop or restock either! You can shop the Kylie Cosmetics OG Trio exclusively on the brand’s website right now.

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