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10 Ways You Can Wear Mom Jeans Just Like Kendall Jenner

If you love celebrity fashion and superstar drama, there is no better gal for you than Kendall Jenner. The famed runway model and reality show personality embodies both her pop culture roles perfectly, advising us what to stock our wardrobes with one moment and giving us fodder for Instagram the next. Her latest advice centers around the 90s renaissance, free from the trappings of social media. What iconic wardrobe piece has Kendall mastered this time? The queen of casual 90s trousers and one of contemporary fashion’s most persistent trends. We’re talking, or course, about high-waisted pants. Whether it’s light-wash mom jeans or semi-formal shorts, the eldest Jenner has a knack for making pants that fasten above your bellybutton look their high-fashion best. Watch how she pulls off the look with that famous sophistication and measured grace.

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If you’re reluctant about entering the fray sporting mom jeans, don’t fret. A simple crop top and dark light-weight duster will elevate any high-waisted look to the next level.

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With boots and a sleeveless crop top like this, your high-waisted jeans will take on a sexy Angelina Jolie look. Strap on a backpack and this makes an excellent back to school outfit.

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Few things highlight mom jeans better than a thick black belt and gaudy branded buckle. Kendall takes her accents one step further, matching light-wash denim with deep black booties and a dark leather jacket for extra pop.

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The fashion world is nearly over bodysuits outside the swimming pool, but if you hurry there’s time for one or two outings in this outfit. A sleek leotard will force your jeans to stand out with pride. Just look at Kendall here.

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Mixing silky tops with weathered denim shouldn’t work, but it does. Especially when you’re at an outdoor function. Tuck your silk top or slip dress in and let those mom jeans fend for themselves.

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Dare you don a light turtleneck t-shirt speckled with tiny florals and an honest-to-goodness fanny pack with your baggy light-wash jeans? If you’re copying Kendall Jenner, the answer is yes.

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Sometimes skin is the easiest way to emphasize your high-waisted trousers. Exposing ample ankle skin and your navel will make those jeans look hiked up to the max. Platform shoes like Kendall’s will amplify the effect even more.

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You can’t do this with jeans, but some dressier trousers are made with waistlines that stretch nearly to your chest. If you crave the feel of a jumpsuit without its restrictions, wear something like this to your next semi-formal event.

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Long-leg slacks can boast epic waistlines, but so can business shorts. Kendall’s have a higher waist than they do leg. It’s too risqué for most offices, but for a professional night out this could be just the thing.

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Subtlety can stretch a long way. Take a shiny button, for example. If you want to announce the height of your jeans on your waist, what better way than a shimmering circle of brass? Show it off like a navel ring while you rock those mom jeans.

Seems it’s time you hiked up your trousers to enjoy the stylish possibilities of high-waisted trousers. With Kendall Jenner as your inspiration, it will be hard to go wrong. See if you can pull the look off with her famous measured grace.


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