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Huda Kattan Shares the Inspiration Driving Huda Beauty’s Makeup Mission – Exclusive Interview

Chances are, you know Huda Kattan best as the makeup mogul behind the insanely popular Huda Beauty cosmetics brand. You’ve likely tested out her glam faux lashes or swatched oodles of her luxe liquid lipsticks before adding some of the cult-classic favorites to your own makeup routine. After all, Huda’s beauty empire is one of the biggest cosmetics companies in the world, which doesn’t come without millions of supportive fans.

But do you know about what makes Huda and her brand really tick? The Richard Magazine team recently caught up with the star entrepreneur, and asked her all about her world travels, her dream collaborations, and where she sources inspiration for her next great products. Be sure to check out our exclusive Q&A below.

Richard Magazine: What are some of your favorite places you’ve traveled to and why?

Huda Kattan: Traveling really inspires me – that’s where I get the best ideas for product development and content! I love to explore different cultures and perspectives. I particularly like Asia – it’s such an enigma to me, and just a really cool, exotic place, unlike anywhere else in the world. I also love Europe; there is so much history and gorgeous buildings and museums. I love going to Italy with my family and just exploring the cities and eating all of the amazing food. I also looooove Los Angeles! It is just one of the coolest cities with some of the best restaurants, best weather, and such a chilled lifestyle! I always discover new beauty products when I am in the States – Naimies Beauty Centre is one of my favorite places.

Richard Magazine: What’s another brand or person you would love to collaborate with?

Huda Kattan: I am obsessed with Rihanna and Beyonce so a collaboration with either of them would be insane!

Richard Magazine: What tips do you have for fellow beauty influencers who wish to follow your footsteps?

Huda Kattan: Be ready to sacrifice a lot, and that sometimes means passing up on awesome opportunities. When you really want something you have to work for it. You need to push through and never give up. Keep focused, and only do it if you are 100% passionate about it.

Richard Magazine: What are some of your favorite skincare products to maintain your flawless complexion?

Huda Kattan: My skincare routine is super quick – I splash my face with water in the morning, apply some rose oil, and then the SkinCeuticals C E Freulic Serum. I also swear by the Mario Badescu Drying Lotion. Other brands have tried to replicate it, but it is honestly the best on the market. I use it as soon as I feel a pimple forming, and it literally makes them disappear overnight. It’s amazing!

Richard Magazine: What are some tips you have for applying false lashes?

Huda Kattan: Some of the super simple tips I like to share are;

* Wiggle the lash band a bit to loosen it prior to applying the lash glue (that way it’s not as stiff when you apply it)

* Apply as much glue as the lash band – so basically go all along the lash band and apply enough glue to cover it.

* I like to use tweezers because they give me really precise application, and this also helps you get as close to the natural lash line as possible. I apply them first to the middle of the lash line, then attach the outer, then inner corners.

* Make sure the lash fits before applying the glue! Adjust the length of the false lash to your natural lash line, and trim the extra length from the outer end.

Richard Magazine: What are some challenges you face on social media and for your brand, and how do you deal with it?

Huda Kattan: Huda Beauty is a brand that champions female empowerment and uniqueness, which doesn’t come without its challenges. Whenever you are pushing boundaries, there will be push-back from people so we’ve really needed to embrace what we stand for as a brand and accept that there will be criticism. On the flipside, one of the biggest rewards is succeeding in a space where it isn’t common for an individual or a family-owned business to push boundaries. We’re that brand that shows women that they can have it all, and we love being that role model.

Richard Magazine: How do you stay up to date on current beauty trends?

Huda Kattan: I discover so many upcoming trends on social media. Instagram is amazing for identifying new trends before they are mainstream. I also see what my team and my sisters are wearing, and what makeup looks they are experimenting with and I take a lot of inspiration from them.

Richard Magazine: Where do you see yourself and your brand going next?

Huda Kattan: We are expanding our makeup range and our territories, but ultimately, we are on a mission to change perceptions of beauty and make a difference to the face of the industry. The team has been working so hard on lots of amazing products that will be launching this year so we’re really focused on perfecting the formulas and creating products that will change the beauty world.

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