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Why You Need To Wear Punk-Inspired Hanging Straps This Fall

Prepare yourself for the Fall 2017 trend that works with any outfit and on nearly any occasion. It’s a descendant of extreme skater and punk fashion, the most reasonable piece of rebel 80s style you can get your hands on. What are these mysterious accessories runway designers across the globe are obsessing over for the upcoming season? They’re statement straps, drawstrings and buckles left undone to hang down and clink as you walk down the street. If ever there was a time to dress up like Alex DeLarge and his ominous Droogs, it’s now. Enter the world of dangling pull cords and aggressive strap adornments as you stock your wardrobe for September. Looks like edgy is about to become the new posh.

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2017 truly fell head over heels for hanging straps. Along with the expected jackets and trousers, you can purchase a shirt featuring buckled strands of leather dangling from the sides. Did you miss out on punk fashion trying to be a stand-up kid? Now’s your time to relive those high school glory days as a rebel.

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Here’s a way to participate in the statement straps trend without wearing a dangling accessory. Alexander McQueen, a brand well-versed in the nuance of punk fashion, offers holster styling on shirts you could wear to the office. Thank the fashion gods fervently for this one. It’s rare for punk to look this professional.

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This look used to be strictly limited to niche subcultural circles. It’s still got a bit of that reputation today, but hanging straps fashion is doing away with most of those iffy vibes. Give these jangly pants a try one Friday night and see what happens. If you’re an under-30 who like to run with a slightly unconventional crowd, we guarantee they’ll bring you appropriately fashionable acclaim.

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You don’t see lanyard necklaces on high-fashion runways every day. Perhaps that’s why multiple designers sat up and noticed when Werkstatt fleshed out his collection with Munchen rings and strap keychains. Wear these aggressive jewelry pieces looped to your trousers or as necklaces to kill two fashion birds with one stone. If you’re going to tackle the men’s jewelry trend, why not do it punk style?

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Reimagined punk fashion doesn’t have to feel like subcultural style made acceptable for the common man. It can be transformed into something classy and casual like this tee from Zara. Truly a product of its time, this is how niche vintage can collide with contemporary minimalism to create something evocative and new. Wear it out for a casual stroll or Friday night at the club.

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Sorry to break it to you guys, but the 90s and 00s have conspired against us to bring back cargo trousers. Granted, these pocketed pants are not your dad’s baggy fishing outfit. They’re slim and sleek, as sexy as cargos could ever be. Test them out on your day off, wandering a shore town on vacation. Aside from that, save them for pop-up raves and home improvement projects. In other words, extremely vintage-themed parties and the privacy of your home.

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Looking for sexy straps that won’t call attention to themselves or make you look like a wannabe punk? Unless you’re shopping for a classic leather jacket, such an item will be hard to find. Turn your attention to footwear. Monk straps feature proper British buckles yet don’t stand out like a piece from the past. This is the perfect wardrobe entry for a subtle businessman who wants to join the strap craze.

Dangling straps and brilliant buckles are in. Find the right manifestation of this punky new trend and any of your fall outfits can be stylishly rebellious. Vintage fashion never had this energetic a soul.



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