Disney-themed lipsticks

Disney-Themed Lipsticks To Inspire Your Magical Style

Who were some of your earliest beauty icons? For many of us, we were immediately captivated by glam Disney princesses – or secretly wanted to channel the style of the brand’s infamous villains. Even in movies like Peter PanThe Lion KingHercules, and more, there are so many inspiring (and possibly surprising!) sources of makeup ideas. There have been so many incredible branded beauty collection launches over the years that try to encapsulate Disney style in a simple compact or tube, but perhaps there are now more exciting options than ever. Below, we’re rounding up some of our favorite Disney-themed lipsticks on the market right this moment.

ColourPop Cosmetics – Disney Villains

Disney-themed lipsticksColourPop Misunderstood Villains Lux Lipsticks Bundle, $48 ($8 each separately), colourpop.com

Why is it that we love Disney villains so dearly when they’re supposed to be out here embodying all that is evil in the world? Maybe they’re just misunderstood! But the ColourPop Disney Villains makeup collection certainly celebrates the fiercer side of characters like UrsulaDr. FacilierCruella de Vil, HadesMaleficent, and the Evil Queen.

Sir John x Luminess – The Lion King

Disney-themed lipsticksSir John x Luminess Be Brave Matte Lipstick in Lion’s Mane, $24, luminessbeauty.com

Celebrity makeup artist Sir John recently launched a luxurious makeup collection to celebrate Disney’s exciting new live action version of The Lion KingIncluded in the full product range are two matte Disney-themed lipsticks – called Lion’s Mane and Pounce – and two additional liquid lipsticks in Romantic Atmosphere and Trouble.

Bésame – Peter Pan

Disney-themed lipsticksPeter Pan Mermaid Lagoon Lipstick by Bésame in Starfish Pink, $24.95, shopdisney.com

The mermaids of Neverland are perhaps the most under-appreciated characters in Peter Pan. But Bésame‘s Mermaid Lagoon lipstick line puts the spotlight on these glam sirens in all their glory. With shade names like Starfish Pink, Mermaid Kiss, and Waterlily Blossom Red, these lovely muted colors are a tribute to the mermaids mixed in with a hint of retro 1950s beach culture.

MAC Cosmetics – Aladdin

Disney-themed lipsticksThe Disney Aladdin Collection by MAC Lipstick in Rajah, $20, maccosmetics.com

We can’t talk Disney-themed lipsticks without calling out the buzzworthy new MAC Cosmetics x Aladdin range that recently dropped. The limited edition collection features fun shade names like RajahPrincess IncognitoWhole New World, and Friend Like Me. Clearly, any of these luxe colors would be perfect for bringing out our inner Princess Jasmine!

Bésame – Mickey Mouse

Disney-themed lipsticksBésame Cosmetics Mickey Red Lipstick, $24, besamecosmetics.com

There’s no Disney character more iconic than Mickey Mouse, which is why we have a special soft spot in our hearts for the lovable cartoon. Bésame‘s 90 Years of Mickey Mouse Collection lipstick containers were inspired by the original animation artwork – and features precious shade names like Mickey Red and Mickey Ink and Paint.

Dose of Colors – Minnie Mouse

Disney-themed lipsticksDose of Colors Minnie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Bow-tiful, $18, ulta.com

Where there is Mickey Mouse, there simply must be a Minnie Mouse: and the iconic star has had a fun makeover through Dose of Colors‘ makeup tribute collection. Three vibrant and highly-pigmented liquid lipstick shades – named IrreplaceableBow-tiful, and Ladies First – capture the essence of Minnie’s always chic style.

ColourPop Cosmetics – Disney Princesses

Disney-themed lipsticksColourPop Kiss the Girl Lipstick Kit, $45 (or $8 each, separately), colourpop.com

In addition to honoring Disney’s biggest villains, ColourPop Cosmetics also recently honored a few of the most fabulous Disney princesses in the game with its golden Disney Designer Collection. At any given moment, you can channel your inner TianaArielBelleJasmineSnow White, or Cinderella with this bundled set of gorgeous shades.

Bésame – Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs

Disney-themed lipsticks

Bésame Cosmetics 7 Dwarfs Mini Lipstick Set, $35, sephora.com

If you’re a fan of vintage Disney movies, you’ll love this set of Disney-themed lipsticks from Bésame‘s Snow White The 1937 Collection. One pint-sized lippie for each of the film’s beloved supporting characters: DopeyDocSleepySneezyGrumpyBashful, and Happy.

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