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Why Cèline Dion and Lady Gaga Are Fashionista Friendship Goals

There’s a new sistermance catching fire in the fashion industry. It’s a love between two fiery fashionistas from different sides of the style community. One comes at fashion from a haute couture platform, designing everything from dresses to handbags under her eponymous label. The other is famous, even infamous, for wearing anything and everything one can imagine to red carpet ceremonies across the globe. Who are these two lovely ladies forging an unexpected friendship at the highest level of echelons of style and fashion? They are 90s pop star Céline Dion and 21st-century iconoclast Lady Gaga. Though decades apart in both age and cultural sensibility, what began as Céline randomly fangirling over Gaga at February’s Grammys ceremony has slowly been evolving into a twinning situation for the two stars. Maybe their trendy game of copycat will inspire your fresh 90s meets 00s wardrobe.

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Lady Gaga has gone all-white many times in her career. She took the bleached hair trend to a new level with frosty white locks and even wore a cream-colored headpiece that turned her face into a square. This trendy suit takes the more traditional route. Maybe you should try a wide-brimmed hat and revealing blazer before the summer ends.

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If you prefer a tad more restraint when it comes to your haute couture, Céline’s interpretation of Gaga may be more to your liking. Substitute millennial side-boob for a loose-fitting blouse and geometric frilly throw. If you’re lucky, a luxury pair of La Perla Balconcino sunglasses will also fit in your budget. Just don’t forget the clear star of this sistermance outfit. The epic sun hat.

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There was nothing wearable about Lady Gaga’s Kermit dress from a few years ago. What fashionista could really walk around in a gown made of limp Muppet dolls? If you love stuffed animals with a passion, use them like Céline Dion. This singer simply sewed dozens of small bears onto her trousers for a photoshoot. Don’t go this wild with your nostalgic adornments, but a small stuffed figure or two can add a playful touch.

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Need a reflective 90s outfit more refined than toy-covered trousers and suspenders? A stuffed animal gown might be your answer. Maybe you can even pick a theme like Gaga did in 2009 when she poses in a dress of plush Hello Kitty dolls. Toy-covered attire has more fashion power than you might expect. Especially given the industry’s recent obsession with vintage clothing, an outfit can be the perfect way to repurpose all those stuffed animals locked inside the toy chest at your parent’s house.


This year’s Grammys was where it all came to a head. With Céline in a sparkling emerald gown and Gaga flaunting her under-boob like a typical rebel, the two ladies met and exchanged a peace sign. We never knew it would be this cathartic to watch two women from such different decades meet I the middle, but it sure is. Catch a glimpse of the special greeting today.

Thanks to fashion’s freshest friendship, you can wear Céline fashion and Gaga style simultaneously. You can also enjoy the comical interactions of two singers from the vintage decades taking over the fashion world these days. What a way to begin your personal fusion of 90s and 00s attire.


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