Emerging Beauty Trends at New York’s Fashion Week

With NYFW now coming to an end, we can finally organize all of the new sexy beauty trends from fashion week. You can kiss those frenetic fads started by internet beauty babes goodbye now. That’s not to say the beauty trends at NYFW aren’t similar to the makeup styles you see plastered all over social media. The runway is simply a more reliable source of information when it comes to beauty and fashion. If you see something on a reputable designer’s catwalk, it’s typically safe to say that it’ll emerge among beauty trend soon. So, without further ado, here are the beauty looks you need to know from February’s New York Fashion Week. Be sure to make notes for your beauty blog.

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From the very beginning, the girls of fashion made one trend crystal clear. Shorten up your hair look. Models and stars from everywhere lobbed off their flowing, arm-length locks for New York Fashion Week. The Jenner sisters showed up transformed. Kylie rocked a shoulder-length blonde look while Kendall sported sharp bangs and an even shorter haircut. Another shocker was Teyana Taylor, who ditched her beautiful obsidian hair for a striking, light-brown bob. Some runways took this short hair look even further.

On the Alexander Wang runway, models paraded a slew of short boy’s cuts. Women like Catherine McNeil were walking in eyebrow-skimming bowls out of the 1990s, while others went for an all-out barely-there buzz. We’ve seen Hollywood babes like Natalie Portman pulled off super short hair before, but it’s usually prompted by an upcoming role. This year, it seems like you should brace yourself for a mainstream short hair revolution. Definitely try a bob cut if you haven’t already. Maybe if everyone starts rocking bobs, the more extreme hairstylists will acquiesce.

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Popular culture’s modern love affair with cat-eyes began in the 1990s with Aladdin’s Jasmine. From there, it morphed from cartoon look to human trend when. Lauren Conrad, from The Hills, made it her signature eye makeup style. This year, Karen Kaiser teamed up with Prabal Gurung to deconstruct the classic design. Gurung’s runway was crowded with models wear sharp, geometric shapes in vivid colors like kelly green and neon indigo. Other designers played with the cat-eye look too.

Victoria Beckham crafted a weathered look with aerodynamic gray shadow dabbed from the inner corners of the lid to the outer brows. A sort of chaotic, muted smoky eye. Dion Lee and Ryan Roche experimented with shades of subtle burgundy in gentle, natural strokes. Unless you are particularly skilled with eye makeup, don’t expect to achieve the graphic precision of Gurung’s minimal design. Rather, see these experimental looks as artistic license to play with new cat-eye colors and shapes. Maybe your unique cat-eye will launch the next Instagram beauty craze.

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Makeup’s job is to help us feel confident. The best beauty trends are the result of cultural and societal pressures that affect our health. Guess which contemporary wellness issue has the most obvious impact on facial beauty? Yup. Sleep deprivation. Everyone’s been talking about it for a year or two now and this year, artists across the board crafted new looks to address it.

The boldest of these designs came from the LRS runway. Their models had light-catching ovals of glitter painted over one eye and matte circles of red on the other. This is fine if you like your makeup to function metaphorically, but since many of us prefer gentler color correction, focus on the work at Jonathan Simkhai and Calvin Klein. Simkhai used pearl decals to hide his models’ dark circles while the designers at Calvin Klein opted for something even subtler. They used flashing silver highlighter on the inner corners of the eyes. If you need to trick anyone into thinking you’ve had a full night’s sleep, remember Klein’s shiny corners.

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When people discuss hairstyles, they imagine different cuts and braiding techniques. This week, designer Joseph Altuzarra asked us to consider the headband. It doesn’t sound revolutionary out of context. People have been wearing them to school since the 1960s. It’s the occasion that comes as a shocker. Rather than another entry in the athleisure fashion trend, Altuzarra’s headband is made with thick red suede and oxblood mink. The outer edge is embellished with milky-white pearls. It’s something you can wear to company dinners and wedding receptions.

The fashion world hasn’t seen anything quite like these haute couture pieces before, which is what makes them mysterious and extremely exciting. I have no doubt the likes of Jackie Kennedy would have worn these if they had been around during her years in the spotlight. Use it to smooth down your hair so you never have to enter a formal gathering with tousled locks again.

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Every year, defiant hair dye inches closer to becoming a mainstream beauty trend. Last year, top celebrities were trying out rose-gold. This winter, blorange swept in to become the latest hair dye trend. According to Sies Marjan fashion runway, the colors are only going to get crazier as the year progresses. Sies Marjan’s show featured model Sasha Belyaeva in a turquoise, cable-knit sweater with matching silk skirt and shoes.

Above the ensemble, her stringy shoulder-length hair was also turquoise. Pastel greenish-blue is a bold shade to dye your hair, even for an edgy professional. Are vivid pastel hair dyes about to become the next rainbow bagels or thighbrow art? If you start seeing a lot of strange, light-colored hair Instagrams, thank Sies Marjan and NYFW.

Clearly, NYFW can be just as wild as the beauty gurus of Youtube. That’s why these are going to be the big beauty trends for the next six months. Might as well accept it and dive on in. Your turquoise bob won’t dye itself.


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