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How To Wear Yellow Blush Like An Instagram Beauty Guru

If you thought yellow blush was a trend you could wipe from memory once the summer ended, we apologize. There will be no blotting out this golden trend when fall comes bustling in. Thanks to a few color-loving beauticians, golden cheeks have become the bold blush color by which 2017 will be remembered. It’s a sharp break from the dictates of cheek beauty tradition. Usually, blush is supposed to add a ruddy color mimicking the flush we all crave but never seem to have enough of without a dusting of red product. Yellow takes this natural idea and prioritizes glow over shade. Your golden cheeks may appear slightly sallow, but they sure will glisten in autumn’s dwindling sunlight. We think, despite the obvious weirdness, yellow blush is worth your time for slightly outside-the-box soirees this fall. Here are some Instagram experts to help you perfect the art of golden yellow cheeks.


Yellow lipstick, alluring as it looks, is crossing a line. Stick to unconventional blush when toying with yellow makeup this fall. One excellent way to keep your bright blush subtle is by fading it up from your cheeks toward your sideburns. Add a dollop of blorange on the apple for extra shape and a hint of ruddiness.


You don’t have to limit yellow blush by relegating it to the role of a highlight. Switch things up and use a darker orange-infused gold to accentuate the area under your cheekbones. The brightness in the yellow will create a shallow shadow, ultimately filling out your face by lessening the sense of depth on your face. We just made you an illusionist.


Fiery yellow isn’t something you see in the beauty industry on a regular basis, but when it appears the impact sure is powerful. If you’re wearing an aggressively bold shade like this, use it sparingly. The most effective technique is to highlight your cheekbones along the side of your face. It’ll produce an eye-catching pop without overwhelming the rest of your look.


If you’ve got dark hair and long bangs or have a penchant for noisy makeup colors, you can stretch your yellow blush a little further than normal. Fill in the triangular area from your temple to mid-cheek. If you’ve got pale skin, a look like this will elevate your cheeks like a ruddy red blush, just with a touch of added glow.


Ideally, yellow blush should be confined to a very precise area around your cheeks. However, as the case often is with artistic endeavors, you can break the rules. One easy way to do this is to let your gold blush bleed into different areas on your face. Connect it to a yellowish eyeliner or follow the glow on your skin up past the temple toward the top of your head. If you’re attending a prestigious haute couture event, a daring look like this will get you all the right glances.

As scary as yellow blush is, beauticians at this year’s big fashion events are all for it. So are dozens of Instagram gurus. Must be time for you to tap into the wonders of yellow makeup yourself, even if it’s only for one season.


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