The Coolest Winter Style Tips For Fashionistas

With fashion blogs and style websites bombarding you with lists of sweaters and wool socks every day, it probably feels like you’ve read all winter style tips multiple times. You know how to dress during winter, don’t you? You’ve picked your cold weather style three times over and even Cyber Monday can’t motivate you to purchase another slew of wardrobe essentials. That’s precisely why you should be reading this article.

I’m counting on the fact that you know how to dress during winter and have your winter outfit ideas set in stone. What I want to talk about is how the clothes you own can be manipulated to give you more from what you already have. All it takes to spruce up your fashion for winter is a little readjustment of what you’ve been doing for fall. I’ll make it quick and easy so you can actually use these winter fashion tips and tricks starting now.

Contrast turtleneck
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Stack Your Sweaters

If you were comfortable in your fall sweaters, you’ll need to consider more layers, as the weather grows colder. Most winter style guides will tell you cold weather style requires you to own dozens of sweaters to keep your outfits diverse. Others simply advise a heavy coat you can shed to reveal a lighter outfit once you get indoors. I propose a third option. If you want a quick, trendy winter outfit idea, layer a turtleneck under a crewneck. Stacking knits will give you a fresh and cozy look. You don’t need excessive knits to keep from looking monotonous. Switch up what you already have!

Beware of over-stacking, however…

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jean jacket style
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Just the Jean Jacket

Throwing a jean jacket over a casual top or dress is vintage and, I admit, a look I turn to for many a weekend excursion. One of these weekends, I decided to try it without a top and see how it felt. Now, I impart my discovery to you. If you leave the top buttons undone, your jean jacket can become an off-the-shoulder shirt. With a scarf to keep your neck warm, this is a lesson in how to dress during sunny winter days. This is a winter style tip that works for anyone!

winter head scarves
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Multipurpose Scarves

There are plenty of winter fashion tips and tricks to rescue your chilly head. This is one of the best. The headscarf is trending strongly in the fashion world. Japan’s recent fashion show featured whole collections of headscarves by designer Lolita. Scarves are winter wardrobe essentials, so why not get twice as much out of them? This look will win you a few fashion-conscious points too.

winter style tips
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Velvet Visions

When it comes to winter outfit ideas for glamorous occasions, velvet never fails. But rather than being one in a crowd of velvet, combine a velvet top with a slacks-and-blazer combo in the same hue. For a casual party, you can even blend jeans into the mix. Fashion for winter is so often monotone and furry. Any chance you find to vary colors or textures, try it.

cardigan dress
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Try a Cardigan Dress

That wardrobe essential, the knee-length cardigan throw, has more potential than you think. Have you ever buckled a belt over top your oversized, button-up knit? If not, you should give it a try. Who says a long cardigan can’t just be your look for the day?

In fact, who can say something doesn’t work unless they’ve tried it. I’ve been the guinea pig this time to create these winter style tips, but you can be the trendsetter of tomorrow with the inspiration we’ve given you. At the risk of sounding pretentious, how to dress for winter should be an exploration. You know the rules, now go and see how you can break them! Leave your favorite winter style tips in the comments below!

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