10 Weird Online Dating Sites That Mean Anyone Can Find Love

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Everyone deserves to find love, right? Many romantic poets, songwriters, and philosophers have been proclaiming it for centuries. Now, the Internet has taken matters into its own hands. We’re not even talking about the modern curiosity of falling in love with someone you’ve only cyber-seen. If you think that’s strange, you haven’t even seen anything yet.

How about a website for the Amish? Doesn’t that violate their principal of avoiding electricity? Or a site that allows in-mates to message each other and fall in love behind bars? Also, applicable for those with prisoners fetishes, we suppose. We’re just skimming the top layer here. In honor of that warm fuzzy feeling that drove Romeo and Juliet to suicide, here are 10 weird online dating sites to prove anyone can find love.



weird online dating sites
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If you are a person who likes Ayn Rand so much you must date someone who feels the same passion for her objectivism, this is the place for you! “The world you desire can be won. It exists… it is real… it is possible… it’s yours.” (An Ayn Rand quote from Atlas Shrugged that was clearly asking for its own dating website in 1957.)

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Would you like a chill bud to toke it up with you? Huff and puff with this aromatic dating site. You’ll be so madly in love you won’t be able to tell what you’re high on.

Image Courtesy of Clown Dating


“It’s not fun looking for love when you’re a clown,” this website states. I bet it’s not. The government and frat boys from Penn State are out to get you this year! If you are a lovable clown, head to this site to find like-minded funny people. For date ideas, refer to our Clown Guide.

Image Courtesy of Vampersonals


Shine in the dark with a fellow creature of the night on this weird online dating site. The true love of your nightmares is waiting. Warning: This site may be nerve-wracking if you don’t like love bites or the darkness. Go goth or go home, ladies and gents.

Image Courtesy of Supernatural Dating


Are you interested in dating aliens and discussing mind control for pillow talk? The psychic Amazing Kreskin created this site for fans and believers in the supernatural. If you have a wild ghost theory, bring it on this site. It’s just one dose crazier than the Vampersonals and one dose less than the Ghostbusters.

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If you are an Amish person with an online profile, I have to ask how you did it. Who did you trick into letting you have extended access to a computer, good sir/madam? Yet, I commend you. May you horse and buggy away with the rebellious Amish lover you discover.

Image Courtesy of Meet and Inmate


Why not relieve the poor people living behind bars with your desire and love? On this weird dating site, you can write love letters to the sad incarcerated. Perhaps you’ll even find love. Or maybe you’ll just make an inmate smile. I advise the latter rather than the former, but to each his own.

Image Courtesy of Saladmatch


Foodies need love too. Want to munch away at salads without judgmental stares? Try searching for a partner who likes the same salads as you do. If it goes well, you may be tossing those sheets together after dinner.

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Are you obsessed with the 80s? If you just can’t stand the idea of a partner who doesn’t have a mullet, then try this site. You’ve got to love the decade of John Hughes pretty insanely much to take part in furthering the mullet, though. Can’t you just play a Scorpions record?

weird dating sites
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Do you have an unfortunate little secret? Instead of waiting for the little monsters to find another home or die off, you can search for other people stricken with the same ailment. So have some fun and fall in love with your STD intact. Like we’ve been saying, these are weird dating sites that prove ANYONE can find love.



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