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Go Crazy With These Weird Beauty Trends of 2017

When it comes to beauty trends, there are the fun, glamorous, and downright strange. This is what the age of customization and wild beauty have brought us. Everyone is free to try their hand at elaborate makeup looks and other beauty-inspired body art. It’s an “eat the cake” culture where it’s trendy to go for almost anything and expect it to be at least marginally successful. This is the key difference between custom beauty and custom fashion. With makeup and hair, the experts say go for something unexpected and enjoy it. Fashion, on the other hand, is still somewhat controlled by what the popular kids are wearing. Perhaps the symbolism behind our beauty freedom is what makes it so exciting. In 2017, will you take the cake and eat it too? Some of these weird beauty trends look pretty enticing…

neon eyeliner
Image by Popsugar


Anyone who loves rave culture is familiar with the beauty qualities of neon makeup. In the 90s all the girls and many of the boys made a habit of dressing up in searing highlighter yellows and pinks for a night out on the town. This is one of the milder weird beauty trends you’re going to see in 2017. Gaudier than all-out strange, it’s a look that can be fun to test outside of the club scene. See how the crowd responds when you waltz into a summer soiree with your eyelids blazing. In this case, the 90s renaissance is an excellent excuse to spice up some otherwise tame events with epic EDM eye makeup.

lollipop lips
Image by Beautyalmanac


If she were around to witness the lollipop lip trend, Lolita would be proud. A mix between the smudgy aesthetic of grunge and sultry imprecision, this look requires you to put your fears aside and draw outside the lines. Smear some makeup on and let it bleed over your typical contours to give your lips a sexy, sloppy look. While applying this style of lip cover in red does the job well, you’ll get a more interesting effect if you use metallic lip gloss. Covering your lips with an imprecise coat of quality product will make the smudging seem intentional and boost the look with a sort of high-end intrigue. Lipstick that looks like a child playing makeup is super naughty, but it’ll be a coveted look this summer whether you like it or not. 

glitter hair
Image by Instagram


Thank Coachella for slowly convincing beauty gurus in their 20s and 30s that sprinkling glitter in your hair is super chic. It’s not. Glitter is too messy to be sticking in your hair and trying to make it stay. As cool as glitter-tinged roots look with your neon pink and royal purple hairdo, once you’ve swirled sequins and shiny particles around on your head you’re going to be shedding sparkles until you shave. Yeah. I said shave. Evaluate that for a second. A temporary hipster-fueled fad or months of shiny shapes dripping from your scalp? Hopefully, your glitter obsession doesn’t get this far.

weird beauty trends
Image by Shopify


Candy-themed lips seem to be all the rage when it comes to weird beauty trends in 2017. Though less naughty-looking than the lollipop lips, sprinkle lips are extremely cumbersome. They are what you think they are, lips covered in 3D rainbow sprinkles like you’d spread on an ice cream cone. It’s hard to fathom why anyone thought this would be a good idea. It gets in the way of nearly everything worth doing in life – kissing, eating, relaxing – and half the time your particles won’t stay attached because they are too heavy. Unless you really crave a weird beauty trend as a conversation starter, steer clear of this lip art. You really don’t need it interrupting your life.

glitter butt
Image by Teenvogue


Yes. People in 2017 are covering their butts in glitter and calling it a beauty trend. Rainbow glitter, to be exact, sprayed on in color-specific stripes. There’s not much more to say about this confounding body art. Glitter lovers, go wild.

Weird beauty trends are entertaining to look at but can put your reputation at risk if you wear them in the wrong crowds. Try them, but keep your wits about you. Crazy is best served in small doses.


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