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Wedding Trends That Look Great In Any Summer Wardrobe

Wedding trends have a funny way of working their way into spring and summer fashion. Whether you’re getting married or not, there are probably pieces that resemble bridesmaids dresses and lace veils in your warm weather wardrobe. Don’t feel guilty using wedding fashion as one of your inspirations for summertime style. Dozens of ladies do it every year, both those who have wedding bells on their wish list and those who can’t even bear the thought of matrimony. Let 2017 be the year you put those fears of the altar aside and deck out your wardrobe with all the best features of wedding attire. You’ll look great in wedding trends and if you disguise each element properly, no one will ever know you’re stealing from a bride.

wedding trends
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You need to be wearing bows this summer. Whether you’re sticking one in your headband or tying one for each sleeve, they’re a charming way to give your wardrobe some the flair of a simple ingénue. If you want a challenge, try to fashion a bow in back, belt in front look with your belt and a large piece of billowing fabric.

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Wedding trends most often define looks in black and white terms. If you’re carrying the trend over into a less formal setting, this contrast between light and dark can be focused around any color. Match an evergreen top with a greenery skirt or a blackish purple dress with a pastel indigo throw. This is a situation where knowing Pantone’s colors of the year will come in handy. Embrace the vivid nature of 2017 fashion this summer!

wedding fashion
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Tops are taking on a sense of the dramatic in the wedding trends of 2017. When it comes to true wedding gowns, most of the sleeves are either flared or burst into ruffles at the end of a long, thin sleeve. You can try these looks with your more casual outfits too. Look for the 60s and 70s flared opening for sleeves and trousers. You may not like the bell-bottom, but it’s inching its way back one hipster lookalike at a time.

wedding trends
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Those classy elbow-length gloves you know from Cinderella and 1950s fashion are the most sophisticated of 2017’s wedding trends. In a decade seemingly focused on getting rid of formal attire altogether, these are a pleasant surprise. You won’t want to wear them out to dinner or at the grocery store, but if you’re out browsing in a high-end mall they’re the perfect bit of class to keep you looking sharp.

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Most seasons, you never know what to do with pastel blue. It’s only consistent use is to announce the birth of a baby boy. No need to worry about your powdery dress or light periwinkle top this year. Complement those clear blue skies of summer with some simple, colorful outfits sure to keep you cool and pretty in the warm weather. Make sure wear light shades. Otherwise, the sweat will pour.

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It’s rare that casual wedding trends and Coachella fashion match up, but this year they agreed when it came to off-the-shoulder looks. When you tan this summer, don’t interrupt your tint with two stripes of spaghetti straps. Let the sun access your entire upper chest and neck area. It’s a great way to tease cleavage without really showing any. Besides, giving your neck some extra breathing room is always nice.

wedding trends
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Everyone said capes were on their way up in the fashion world. After the fall 2016 show in New York many critics wrote them off as a one-hit wonder, but 2017’s wedding trends have them back on top for the summer. If you want to get in on this odd piece of style, find something light you can use as a cape and coat. This is probably something you’ll like better in a wedding than you will on the street.

Wedding trends don’t need to be limited to marriage ceremonies. There are plenty of ways to use them in everyday fashion. Everyone can get festive this wedding season!


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