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2017 Is Killing It With Wearable Fashion Tech

Fashion tech is easy to talk about, but if you want to purchase smart clothes or a tech-savvy bag, the pickings are still slim. Think about it. The fashion industry may be obsessed with technology, but it’s primary focus is virtual reality. New tools are helping improve in-store dressing rooms and help online shoppers to browse clothing more effectively. If you’re interested in futuristic clothing that incorporates fashion tech into simple, usable outfits to wear, here’s a few of 2017’s finest smart wardrobe pieces to help you out. You can shop for these tech-savvy products using VR tools, but the way wearable fashion tech uses technology to help make your life more efficient is how these products truly succeed.

Image by Mezzibrandgroup


Wearable fashion tech shouldn’t be complicated. That’s one of the treasures behind this deceptively simple smart bag. The folks behind this chargeable item will keep you constantly connected to the world through your phone and social media. To enhance your experience, they’ve created a handbag that will alert you of incoming calls and messages. It will also charge your phone on the run. You’ve got to recharge this handy bag every few days, but that’s all you need to remember. If you forget your phone charger or that important phone call you promised the in-laws, Mezzi’s got you covered.

Image by Wixstatic


The amazing thing about these smart glasses is they aren’t out to give you some reality-busting virtual experience. Operating in a completely different realm, Vue is more interested in designing integrated technology that is seamless and un-intrusive. Rather than featuring lenses that double as screens, these smart glasses connect with wireless systems to stream audio via bone conduction speakers. This way, you’re hearing sound partially through vibration, which is much healthier for your inner ear than blasting sound directly inside with earbuds. These smart glasses can also track your steps and calories, making them a wearable fashion tech must-have. 

Image by Thegadgetflow


Sometimes, technology influences fashion at the fabric level. This has been happening since the invention of synthetic fabrics in the late 1970s. Today, one of wearable fashion tech’s most useful incarnations is as a functional fabric. CEAM coats all their collections with a substance that is stain-resistant, water-repellent, and odor-resistant. If you’re out for a walk in the rain, these dresses, shirts, and trousers will keep you warm and dry like never before. Forget about mustard stains you can’t wash out and stenches that won’t go away. These clothes cover almost everything and add new meaning to the term “durable fashion.”

Image by Luxurylaunches


This luxury label refers to their jackets as “smart clothes,” but they’re really more functional than “smart.” Like CEAM’s resistant clothing, these jackets incorporate technology into their design to improve your experience wearing a coat rather than enhance your ability to charge and answer your gadgets. Using a lightweight polymer rather than wires, these jackets can generate heat energy that will keep you warm, relax your muscles, and increase blood flow. Whether you’re out in the rain or destressing after a tiring day, this is the wearable fashion tech piece you want in your wardrobe.

Image by Vox


Yoga and athleisure are so in, everyone is buying bralettes and leggings this year. They’re also spending more time working out from home than they are at the gym. If you’re one of those people trying to master the art of at-home yoga, you need Nadi’s latest piece of wearable fashion tech. Their collection of sensory yoga pants is the first example of virtual reality-inspired fashion you can actually wear. These smart leggings can communicate and correct your yoga poses for you using human/computer interaction. It’s similar to what Hollywood does to create characters like Gollum. If you want a custom yoga instructor who can accurately correct your workout positions, these are the pants you need.

It may not be as talked about as virtual design tools, but wearable fashion tech can be incredibly helpful in your everyday life. Work some tech-savvy pieces into your summer wardrobe this year. Nothing wrong with dressing a little futuristic. 


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