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Christian Louboutin’s Founder Launches Wearable Tech Garment with we+ar TRBL

Christian Louboutin and Parrot founder Henri Seydoux and we+ar TRBL CEO Olivier Lévy have teamed up to create a new wearable tech innovation that is “infusing Paris Fashion Week with an innovative spin on personal style.” Their brand has introduced a flexible screen that is actually embedded into a garment, and can be customized with the image or slogan of the wearer’s choosing. How cool is that?

we+ar TRBL
“What we are introducing with we+ar TRBL is something new and never seen before,” Seydoux shared in a press release. “My motto has always been to imagine new things, to create and make accessible our natural desire for freedom. Today we are offering people a new way to express themselves, delivering them from the clutches of social networks.”

The way it works is that the lightweight 6.8 inch screen is incorporated into t-shirt designs. Using your compatible electronic device and special downloaded mobile app, you can quickly customize your display settings and instantly change up your look. The possibilities are almost endless: as long as it fits your screen, you can show it off!

we+ar TRBL

“We have set out to empower changemakers, disruptors and artists with a new way to articulate their voice and passions,” Lévy added in a statement. “Self-expression, creativity and technology have inspired us. Now, the we+ar TRBL ecosystem provides even greater freedom to designers and consumers who want to incite change.”

Fashion is one of the ultimate forms of self-expression, and we’re here for any and all innovations making it even easier to literally where your causes on your sleeve.

we+ar TRBL

After debuting this idea at Paris Fashion Week, the brand is looking to collaborate with streetwear designers interested in making this cool wearable tech part of their future shoppable collections. We can’t wait to see where these partnerships lead!

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