Virtual Design Tool

Design Your Dream Car With This New Virtual Technology

They say the cars we drive say a lot about us. Every person has a story to tell – and so does their car. No matter what, the vehicle you own represents the type of person you are and the type of life you lead. We have just discovered a hot new virtual design tool that will help you design the car you’ve always dreamt of.

It’s time to stop being a customer and start getting it custom like the Fast and Furious crew we all love. If you’re not looking to live out your race car dreams that’s okay! You can still dream up and customize the ultimate car with House Tipster‘s virtual design tool by Visualizer Plus!

This tool could be a lifesaver when car shopping season hits. Walking into a dealership is always a hassle full of back-and-forth trips and sales people trying to sell you on something you don’t really love. With this tool you can now walk in to buy your next car fully prepared, knowing exactly what you want your vehicle to look like. No more flipping through different brochures and websites to compare features and colors – everything is right at your fingertips (literally).

With this tool, you can create high-definition design renders for several different makes and models. You can mix and match materials, textures, finishes, and accessories until you find the perfect combination that shows off your personal taste. And tour a chic vintage car, while you’re at it!

Hover your mouse over a section you want to change, and have fun swapping out different options. Click, hold, and drag to take advantage of the tool’s 360° functionality and see views from every angle.

Try out the 360° virtual design tool below:

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