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Victorian-Inspired Accessories For The Modern Multitudes

Every wardrobe can do with an extra dose of grandeur. The gesture doesn’t have to be big. You can step out on a limb with gold-gilded earrings or a silver ring, but sometimes all it takes to transform your everyday attire into spell-binding fashion is a tapestry tote or floral boots. Yes, you heard us right. In 2017, the elegant accessories of choice harken back to the decadent Victorian era. There’s really no way to escape this emerging trend, especially if your passionate about being a relevant fashionista. Even if your personal style is unashamedly contemporary and free of steampunk influences, it will feel surprisingly lacking without at least one piece of Victorian-inspired adornment. So stop sticking rigidly to the 20th century and dare to dig a little further when it comes to vintage fashion. Who knows? You just might like what you uncover.

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Louis Vuitton’s summer collection made it cool to carry handbags covered in classical art. Now, folks like Stella McCartney are giving you the carpetbag option too. Don’t be afraid to get a little gaudy.

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These golden grape leaves from Piaget have a $45,000 price tag. If you can afford jewelry this decadent, more power to you. Most of us can only ogle and settle for some copycat bangle with fewer zeros behind it.

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Footwear covered ornate stitchwork is coming of age this fall. The newest edition to the Victorian-inspired accessories trend, they’re hard to work up the courage to try. Dare to step out of your comfort zone for these beauties. Your feet deserve it.

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Obviously, you will not be the first person to flaunt extravagant earrings. Fashionistas have been doing that for centuries, long before the Victorian era was even a thing. If you want to keep your elegant accessories subtle, buy some dangling earrings.

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They’re back and more popular than ever, so stop scoffing at grandma’s gaudy jewelry drawer. Whether you prefer one pinned to your lapel or fastened over the top button of your blouse, don a brooch this season.

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Find some shallower footwear to complement those tall embroidered boots you’re wearing about. You may not sense much of a change between the two builds, but a slight change in height can be substantial when you’re sifting from chic semi-formal and office professionalism.

The long and short of it is, you need Victorian-inspired accessories in your fall wardrobe. It’s time to balance all those athleisure outfits with some trendy, full-on glam. Fall is already the token season for swapping out casual clothes for formalwear. Take that decadence to heart and your fashion will soar.


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