Valentine's Day Nail Art

Score Major Valentine’s Day Nail Art Inspiration

There’s something about Valentine’s Day beauty that just makes us feel excited. Whatever you think of the holiday, you’ve got to admit that it’s the perfect excuse to go all out with vibrant pink makeup, red lipstick, or even artistic manicure designs. And where better to score style inspiration than from the talented nail artists of social media? Below, we’re rounding up some of our favorite Valentine’s Day nail art ideas that we couldn’t stop obsessing over on Instagram!

Beating Heart

Does your crush make your heart skip a beat? Let ’em know by wearing your glowing pink, radiant nail art! This gem-encrusted black, pink, and glittery creation by Tino Vo has us with our jaws on the floor.

Love Me

Do you love yourself? Show it proud with a self-love manicure statement. (Or convince someone else they adore you with a subliminal message!) We love the way this artist accented her graphic statement with some clever candy hearts designs.

Put a Ring on It

Are you hoping for a Valentine’s Day engagement ring? This incredibly impressive nail art by Vincent Nails’ Vin ChenTran puts the sparkler inside your tips for a creative holiday look.

Colorful Hearts

@missladyfinger's #ValentinesDayNails are making our hearts skip a beat! #essielove #💕

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Who says your Valentine’s Day nail art has to only be red and pink? You can totally add some different pops of colors into your design – like this colorful heart look shared by Essie brand.

Love Letter

Remember back in elementary school when Valentine’s Day meant trading corny cards with your classmates? The grown up version of that precious tradition is wearing little love letters on your fingertips – and maybe even penning one for bae when you’re through creating this masterpiece!

Connected Heart

Cupid would be so impressed by the way this design brings two halves of a heart together. Gold leaf and pearl gems adorn this luxurious manicure, but we are especially loving the idea of continuing one design across multiple tips.

Heart Tips

How do you make almond-shaped nails even more eye-catching and fierce? By adding gold stripes and dipped half-hearts on the tips, of course! These tips are insanely sexy – and a more subtle way to celebrate Valentine’s Day with your style.

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