Urban Decay Naked Palette

Say Goodbye to the Original Urban Decay Naked Palette

If Eyeshadow Palette History were a college major, it’s pretty likely we would graduate Magna Cum Laude. So if we’re talking about those viral makeup collections that set the internet beauty world abuzz, it would be remiss not to credit the Urban Decay Naked Palette for being part of a true revolution. But now, with much pomp and circumstance, the beauty brand announced that it is discontinuing the popular product that started an empire.

That’s right: the Urban Decay Naked Palette is going away forever, and taking its beautiful set of easily wearable, neutral-toned shadows with it.

“Saying goodbye to Naked is extremely bittersweet,” Wende Zomnir, a founding partner of Urban Decay, shared in a press statement. “It was a big moment in our history. It’s a little painful to leave your past behind, but it’s also essential to always evolve. I will forever miss Naked, but we plan to turn the grief into even more greatness. Urban Decay will continue to thrive in Naked’s memory and honor — just wait and see.”

As a perfectly dramatic farewell to the original Urban Decay Naked Palette, the brand hosted a gloomy funeral – and shared a video of it on YouTube.

There is a bright side to this upsetting news though: to sell out all its remaining stock of Urban Decay Naked palettes, the brand is now selling the eyeshadow collection for 50% off, as supplies last. So, if you were never previously able to splurge on the 12-pan set – or are unwilling to let the product pass without you getting another crack at it – make sure to stock up on the new $27 price tag before it sells out forever! It’s paying your respects, after all.

For now, it looks like the spin-off collection of Naked 2, Naked 3, and Naked Heat are still safe, and are also available to shop while you’re picking up the original set. We hope that the upcoming launches from the brand will (as seemingly promised) live up to the original Naked’s hype.

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