Urban Decay Backtalk

Urban Decay Reveals the Perfectly Pink BackTalk Palette

If you remember back to your elementary school days, you likely heard many a teacher remind you that “back talk” is rude. While you shouldn’t mouth off while getting disciplined, the idea of talking back has now evolved to become an empowering and commanding kind of idea. We’d even say the meaning of the term has “low key” done a “180,” and now “attitude” is a quality to be celebrated. Which is why we are already loving the Urban Decay BackTalk palette – featuring spunky shade names like the ones in quotes above. That, and it’s Instagram-ready millennial pink.

Inspired by one of the brand’s most popular Vice Lipstick colors of the same name, the new BackTalk range is a beauty lover’s dream. It’s composed of eight luxurious eyeshadows in the baby pink to berry monochromatic shade range (like “Shade” and “Bare”), two rosy blush shades (they’re not kidding with “Double Take”), and two dazzling highlighters (like our fave, “Party Foul”).

Not only is this every face makeup product you could ever crave in one stylish box set, but the packaging itself is as useful as it is cute. When you put your kit down on a flat surface, the palette opens up on both sides so you can access all the shades at once, with no weird swiveling. There’s also a double-sided mirror that divides the kit, so you can do your makeup anywhere you find a place to set up shop. You can also remove the mirror to take it with you, if you need some on-the-go touchups.

Urban Decay showed off their cosmetics palette’s innovative movement in a brand new social media video too. Be sure to check it our below.

The Urban Decay BackTalk palette will sell for $46. First, it will be launching exclusively on Sephora’s website on March 7, 2018, and will then be in stores the following day.

Following this highly-anticipated debut, the product will then go into wide release on Urban Decay’s own e-commerce page and in other retailers starting on April 15.

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