Check Out These Unusual Ways to Use Nail Polish

If you’re tired of applying color to your nails, why not consider some unusual ways to use nail polish? The handy little liquid is more versatile than you’d think. Nail polish is an adhesive. It’s designed to stick to a surface and leave that surface nice and shiny for a long period of time. That makes it perfect if you have something that needs an extra shine. Need makeshift glue? Nail polish’s adhesive quality makes the liquid an excellent choice when mending small rips and tears. Makeup looking a little dull? Give it a little polish polish. Of course, each of these unusual ways to use nail polish must be carefully considered so you don’t accidentally mix the wrong chemicals or scrub off a fragile surface. If you’re new to DIY nail polish solutions, grab a clear color and start with this simple list.

unusual ways to use nail polish
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Don’t take this fashion hack too far. If you have high-end jewelry, polish it with a proper cloth. Nail polish is for lesser accessories like colorful imitation pearls and fun bracelets. Nail polish gives you two useful qualities to work with. It can make almost any surface smooth and shiny. After you apply it to your jewels, they’ll glisten. It will also protect them from tarnishing. If you want to preserve your gaudy accessories for months at a time, nail polish will do the trick. This can be especially helpful if you have sensitive skin. Once you’ve applied a coat to the edges that come in contact with your skin, all that pesky itching will disappear.

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You may already know this one. People have been using nail polish as a liquid bandage for years. Clear but effective, polish makes the perfect covering if you want to keep your injury subtle. Simply apply a thin coat with your applicator brush and let it dry the sore area shut. No need to mess around with a cumbersome Band-Aid. If you choose to go this route, make sure you’re using a non-toxic nail polish. Obviously, not all polishes are safe to paint over an open scratch. If you use a Band-Aid, still apply a bit of polish over the sore to stop the itching and swelling. Just make sure you clean the cut thoroughly before applying any product. While nail polish will definitely keep grit and grime out of your sore, it can also trap dirt inside if you’re not careful.

unusual ways to use nail polish
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Few things are worse than a hiking trip with no campfire. A little downpour can really dampen your provisions and your spirit if you don’t prepare carefully. Believe it or not, nail polish may come in handy if you’re planning a nature trip. One little coat of your favorite clear nail polish will protect your matches from torrential rain and help guarantee you some crackling warmth after the storm. Of all the unusual ways to use nail polish, this is the one you must be most careful with. Do not use flammable nail polish. Take the time to check all safety information so nothing accidentally bursts into flame.

use nail polish on shoelaces
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Shoe laces are always unraveling at the most inconvenient times. Once they’ve frayed, you’re stuck with scrappy-looking laces until you buy a new pair. To prevent losing your laces to the wear and tear of daily use, coat them with some nail polish. A thorough coat will strengthen the entire lace while a simple coating on the two extreme ends stops them from disintegrating while leaving the rest of the lace flexible and free. This technique can be applied to any fabric you want to stiffen up a little. You can even try applying a dab of polish to your sewing thread to help you get it through the eye of the needle.

It’s great when one product can be the solution to multiple problems. These unusual ways to use nail polish offer a pleasant diversion from your typical application routine. Fix things up a bit before you return to the land of nail art.


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