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Color Your Meals With Scrumptious Unicorn Food

It happened! Starbucks is finally joining the rainbow unicorn food craze with a colorful frap with all the fruity galore you could want. Exciting as this newest entry in rainbow-inspired edibles is, the coffee giant is actually coming in rather late in the game. Rainbow unicorn food has been a sparkling little sensation since March. Chances are you’ve noticed at least one plate of colorful pasta or mermaid toast while scrolling through your Instagram. Well, know you know those scrumptious pastel-fused dishes weren’t just a fluke. Thanks to the unicorn frap, rainbow unicorn food is about to captivate the world of trendy cuisine. Catch the magic before it flies away with these delicious, indigo-colored meals.

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Happy Sunday friends, I just uploaded a recipe for a delicious (raw) vegan cheese spread (link in profile), texture and flavor are on point! I'm still experimenting with fermenting nut cheeses, so stay tuned for those! : I had this super delicious satay rainbowl topped with sweet and tangy tempeh & a yummy satay sauce served with some flax crackers topped with the spicy cheese spread. This time around, with these recipes eating gluten free starts to actually become a treat🤷🏾‍♂️. : As usual I'll be spending the rest of the day with my grandparents, tonight we're having fries 🤰🏾. Btw I had a lot of fun during our little chill sesh yesterday! Have a blessed day my friends. : One Love 🌹

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One of the most compelling examples of rainbow unicorn food are these blue and purple noodles. They have the perfect shape and consistency for this playful fad, light and airy like unicorn magic should be. The biggest surprise? They’re healthy, vegan, and gluten-free. All you need to mix up a batch are white rice noodles, purple cabbage, and lime or lemon juice.

unicorn toast
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Rainbow bread isn’t the driving force behind unicorn toast. It’s what you smear on top that counts. Much like unicorn noodles, this trendy morning snack is better for you than it looks. Blend your butter with ingredients like beet juice, turmeric, and chlorophyll to make a rich, colorful breakfast you can feel good about. Who can resist a little rainbow magic to start off the day?


Lucky for you, rainbow unicorn food has infiltrated the fitness snack world to bring you glitzy cookie dough balls. These protein-rich treats are no-bake cookies with a purple and turquoise twist. Once you have your dough together, sprinkle in some beet powder, blue algae, and vanilla extract for extra color and taste. All that powder will give off glittery vibes you can transport anywhere from the gym to the office.

unicorn sushi
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The Japanese are well acquainted with the powerful influence of unicorn-inspired trends. After all, it was they who brought us unicorn fashion in the first place. This year, their take on rainbow unicorn food is blowing the competition away. Rather than settling for gentle pastels or simple beet-juice purple, the best unicorn sushi chefs work every color of the rainbow into these scrumptious roll-ups. Each bite will include sweet potato, chili pepper, cucumber, salmon, avocado, and more!

rainbow bagels
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No one can agree whether these 2016 bakery goods should be called unicorn bagels or rainbow donuts, but regardless of their official title, they deserve to be on this list. The best thing about them is just how many colors there are. You can select monochrome options like deep blue blueberry or rosy red raspberry or go full rainbow unicorn food crazy and indulge in a flavorful swirl.

unicorn food
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Super pink may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of hot chocolate, but after you try a sip of this rainbow unicorn food it very well might be. With a white chocolate base, you can add flavor and color with superfood powders, rainbow marshmallows, and all the sparkly sprinkles you could want. A close cousin to Starbucks’ new drink, unicorn hot chocolate will keep you magical and warm during these last few chilly spring mornings. In few weeks, you can switch over to fraps for good.

Unicorn rainbow food proves that the magical wonder of unicorns can tickle every part of your life. You’ve worked it into your makeup routine and trendy wardrobe. Now, it’s time to let the rainbow loose in your kitchen.



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