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Unicorn Cosmetics Are Bringing Rainbow Beauty Back

Beauty’s unicorn makeup trend seemed to die away as spring turned into summer and Coachella became a distant memory. Rainbow hair went from neon pink to pastel blorange and greenish blue. Muted terms like princess hair and mermaid beauty started trending, replacing all those unicorn hashtags. Makeup counters took on their own sheen again, free from excessive particles of scattered glitter. It was an appropriately poetic end to the fantasy trend, prompting brands to hurry up with those popular late summer colors boasting autumnal undertones. Scarlet red and burnt ombre were back in business far earlier than they usually at this year. Yet, some beauty trendsetters aren’t done with rainbows and spiral horns. They want more and the Halloween makeup game as a chance to celebrate fantastical beauty looks all over again. So, press the pause button on deep red lips and smoky eyes for a moment. Rainbows are about to burst back in style.

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Unicorns are poised to return in big part thanks to a company all the way across the pond in London, England. Unicorn Cosmetics – their name leaves little doubt as to brand priorities – have been passionate about rainbow-inspired beauty since they set up shop almost a year ago. Now, with Halloween just around the corner, they’re seizing the day with a whole new line of fantastic fantasy products sure to impress even the harshest cynic.

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Before you start in on dying your hair or sparkling up those nails, pick a set of multicolor brushes. It’s a vanity purchase, but one well worth making if you’re serious about rainbow-themed cosmetics. The best thing about this soft, neon-splattered set? They’ve got spiral horn handles to appease your unicorn obsession and provide an excellent grip as you work.


When your new look includes rainbow stripes and showers of glitter, things will get messy. To deny it would be lying to yourself and you know it. Luckily, the folks at Unicorn Cosmetics know the struggles of rainbow beauty and offer decadent rose-shaped brush cleaners to help you keep things tidy. These are an essential for any makeup guru, rainbow lover or not.


Featuring a spiral handle gilded with glitter, these pastel brushes put 90s pink to shame. Each pink bristle has been carefully crafted by Unicorn Cosmetics for maximum flexibility and comfort. As the Collector’s Edition designed to celebrate the brand’s one year anniversary, it makes sense these are their fluffiest brushes yet. If you have sensitive skin, why not pre-order now?


All that talk of unicorn looks returning for Halloween was no prank. Unicorn Cosmetics are indeed scheduling most of their colorful fall collection around October 31st. This goes for all products, not just unicorn-themed items. In fact, their most anticipated upcoming set isn’t rainbow-tinted with a spiral handle but covered in duo-chrome pastel scales. Yes. Mermaid beauty is back too, in all its oceanic glory. Will you be part of that world come October?


It’s the real game-changer of fall fantasy beauty. Unicorns and mermaids are mythical news and tried-and-true fads at this point, but you don’t see handles with chameleon characteristics every day. With a changing grip like this, you can transform something metallic into a bold autumnal bronze with just the touch of your hand. If only all beauty transformation could be this easy.

Unicorn Cosmetics is serious about rainbow beauty but in a fun-loving way. This isn’t like that time when Chanel tried to pull off the trend with multicolored parrotesque eye makeup on the Paris runway. These UK beauticians know how to keep it chic and Coachella-worthy at the same time. Come October, you can trust them to top off your unicorn costume perfectly.


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