Sharpen Those Contours With UltraShape Therapy

In recent years, both clients and beauty specialists are finding effective ways to eliminate cellulite and fat without going under the scalpel. There are diets and exercise regimens posted across the internet to help you slim down and tighten up. Endermologie has seen overwhelming success with its massage-based treatments that use a series of rolling and suction to rejuvenate your skin and eliminate pockets of cellulite naturally. Recently, a new face has joined the crowd of innovative body-shaping procedures designed to destroy fat cells without requiring a needle or knife. This refreshing treatment is very similar to Lipomassage but uses a different kind of energy to motivate your body to get active and work to eradicate unwanted areas of fat. UltraShape uses ultrasound energy, a focused pulsation treatment that’s painless and free from painful side effects. Here’s why UltraShape is a worthy new entry in non-invasive skincare therapy.

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There are two major types of fat in the body. Visceral fat is more internal and usually forms around your inner organs. These are the pockets that can be effectively curbed by eating right and exercising on a regular basis. Subcutaneous fat forms right under the surface of your skin and makes up most of the belly you see. Unfortunately, it’s resistant to smart diets and active workouts. That’s why people resort to treatments. There’s really no other way to get rid of subcutaneous build-up.

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Ultrasound energy is a genius idea for eliminating fatty build-up near and around your belly. UltraShape simply took the concept of an ultrasound scan and applied it to weight loss. Using a machine head very similar to the device used with pregnant women, this company crafted a procedure that directs energy at the walls of fat cells in your body and breaks them down into triglycerides. Those triglycerides are then processed through your liver and flushed out of the body naturally.

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The folks at UltraShape are dedicated to crafting a procedure that is pleasant, relaxing, and effective. Their ultrasound energy treatment wasn’t invented only to eliminate fat but as an alternative to liposuction that guaranteed a pain-free weight loss therapy. Like Lipomassage, the trained specialists who administer UltraShape treatments are dedicated to the philosophy that lipo treatments can be precise without requiring surgery or an incision.

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Once your doctor has determined the exact areas you need treated, a technician will get you ready. They’ll wrap a specially designed belt around your abdomen and apply soothing gel to your skin like they would for a pregnancy scan. Then all you need do is lie back and relax as a smooth transducer glides across your skin releasing gentle ultrasound pulses. It will take roughly an hour to complete one thorough treatment. It’s recommended you undergo three treatments spaced two weeks apart for optimal results.

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One of the great things about an UltraShape treatment is that it won’t interfere with any of your plans. You don’t have to schedule someone to come pick you up or avoid certain activities during recovery. After your session, you can step out of the doctor’s office and fully resume your normal life. Not only is this procedure efficient in terms of recovery, it’s also one of the fastest-working weight loss treatments out there. You’ll start seeing dramatic results as little as two weeks after your initial therapy session. Maintain a healthy lifestyle going forward and you won’t have to return after you finish your original regimen.

If you’re looking for simple weight loss solutions to kickstart your health and wellness lifestyle, UltraShape is the treatment for you. It’s quick and easy with no strings attached. Now that you have the skinny on how to eliminate those subcutaneous fat cells for good, find a doctor near you. With this efficient procedure, you can start treatment now and still have time to flaunt your improved bod at the beach this summer.




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