Great Costume Duos For Besties

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You go to a Halloween party with your friend. Both of you dress your costumed best and are soon lost in the midst of the partying crowd. You get separated. No one knows you’re together because your costumes aren’t coordinated. One of you ends up all alone and ends up going home – alone. Out on the night streets – alone. Who knows what might happen Halloween night…This would probably never have happened if you dressed as a duo. On the creepiest night of the year, it’s wise to be cautious and go about in groups. With all the famous duos in popular culture, there’s no excuse not to turn your safety measures into full-on two person costumes. If you can’t think of any compelling combinations for October 31st, don’t worry! Richard Magazine is here to offer some of the top best friend Halloween costumes to try this year.

two-person halloween costumes
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The best thing about Gru’s infamous little employees is their charm. When you’re cute, mischief is adorable. If you and your friend dress up like minions, you’ll be able to get away with practically anything. All it takes are overalls, yellow shirts, and goggles. Minions also come by the hundreds. If you want to expand your costume duo to a quintuplet or septet, this is a great costume for a group of people.

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Why spend Halloween with friends? It’s far more interesting to go out and party with your arch nemesis. These brotherly foes are sexy stuff. How do you reject a power duo that is Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston? Since you probably don’t have the looks, focus on a thick hammer and horned helmet. Do this best friend Halloween costumes right and you’ll have a solid one-two punch to get your night headed in the right direction.

two-person halloween costumes
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Do you want an excuse to wear ballsy 90s hats and walk around in checkered plaid skirts? Even if this sounds appalling, endure a little scrutiny and get scheming. No one’s going to miss you if you’re decked out in school chic yellow. Deny it all you want, but Clueless is vintage now. You won’t be accused of bad fashion on Halloween. If anything, people will rejoice in your bestie nostalgia with you. Embrace this classic two-person costume to give the baby boomers a shot of the good ole days.

group halloween costumes
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We all fell in love with monsters after Monsters, Inc. Suddenly, fear wasn’t necessary anymore and people could live beside monsters in peace and harmony. This isn’t a very Halloween appropriate sentiment, but I like the unique idea of a happy-go-lucky monster bash. When you’re doing two person Halloween costumes, you’re in it to win it. Bring a smile to the face of every gruesome clown with this group Halloween costume.

best friend halloween costumes
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Is there a better reason to tack on a faux mustache than Super Mario? It’s a classic choice that can’t go wrong. The colors, red and green, have this odd mix of Christmas cheer and Italian emphasis for Halloween. This is definitely a playful option. It’s a bit like minions without the gibberish. Luckily, you can quickly abuse the bar to start spewing your own sudo-Mario gibberish. Wait. Don’t do that. Just keep standing there looking cute in your tandem Halloween costume.

Now, you have a few outfits to help you and are bestie stay together at the party. These two person Halloween costumes will not push the mold or cross a line but sometimes an uncontroversial Halloween with your best friend is enough.



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