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Trendy Ponytails Are A Real Thing And Here’s Proof

We’ve forgotten the art of fashioning a sexy ponytail. It doesn’t take an expert to see there’s more to styling your hair than whipping out a hair-tie after you finish your workout. Sure, a simple hairstyle is all you need for casual weekends at home, but when it comes time to dress up for those last summer galas you need something a little more decorative and well thought out. That’s where the stylized ponytail comes in. Despite what you may think, it’s easy and extremely trendy to do up your hair with a nice tie for formal occasions. Hollywood stars do it all the time without getting any flack. All you need do is keep a careful eye out for all-star ponytails and seize the opportunity to try them out on your own in front of the mirror. Here are our current favorites from red carpet season this year.

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Let’s be honest. We all have a secret love of the 60s pin-up. Time to come out and wear it with pride. All you must do is twist your ponytail to make it shorter and then pin it up with hair clips. Not too hard, right?

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If you let things hang a little frumpy and chaotic, your ponytail will take on a tousled appearance. Casual as it may sound, this look is alternately soft and refined, great for a private stroll or trip to the runway.

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Tower is an exaggeration in this case. We’re not dealing with big 80s hair here! Rather, this slicked-back look will highlight your forehead while letting your ponytail jut out a bit in the back. It’s classic Kim Kardashian fare, so you won’t have any trouble finding tutorials.

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Braids and ponytails are usually separated as two very defined style choices. You don’t need to be that regimental about your hairstyle. Give your tresses some attention and turn a plain old ponytail into something cute and intricate.

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When greasing back your hair isn’t working for you, try letting your bangs fall where they may and highlighting the high rise of your ponytail in back. This is the style of choice for people with longer hair who still want a pulled-back look.

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The opposite of tying your hair so that it seems to gush from the top of your head, this simple style choice lets your hair dangle down your neck and shoulders like it naturally should. Probably the simplest way to fashion a ponytail, don’t discount the value of an easy look.

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Combine a pronounced, straight finish with the “tie it high” technique and you’ve got the 2000s look of corporate feminism. This hairstyle is known for clearly outlining the wearer’s face. If you want your hair to be sharply defined, this is the tie-back for you.

Stop selling yourself short when it comes to ponytails. They may seem simple, but with a little extra attention, you can show the world just how beauty savvy you are. Forget the complaining voices of your peers. In 2017, ponytails are totally in.


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