Tower28 Skincare Beauty Launch

Tower28 Beauty Celebrates Its Launch with 3 Products for Sensitive Skin

If you are on the lookout for beauty products specially formulated for sensitive skin to try out this summer, you should keep an eye out for the newly-launched brand Tower28. The natural and cruelty-free brand only uses non-toxic, non-irritating vegan ingredients in its products, which have also earned an acceptance seal from the National Eczema Association.

The brand’s debut collection is comprised of three skin-saving products to add to your beauty routine: the SuperDew Highlighter Balm ($18), the ShineOn Lip Jelly ($14) and the SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray ($28).

Tower28 Beauty

The SOS Daily Rescue Facial Spray is formulated to help out a myriad of skin concerns, from dryness, to flakiness, blemishes, and more. The Hypochlorous Acid based formula is meant to be generously sprayed on your face any time you need a little refresh.

We’re always on the lookout for products that can deliver a lasting, lit-from-within glow, which is why we’re loving the innovations behind Tower28’s SuperDew Highlighter Balm. The clear, translucent balm doesn’t have any shimmer, glitter, or artificial shine, but skincare ingredients like chamomile and green tea gives your face that dewey finish we all crave.

Tower28 Highlight

Finally, there’s the ShineOn Lip Jelly, which combines the shine of a gloss with the comfort and skincare of a balm. The easy-to-use moisturizing clear lip treatment features a blend of five nourishing oils that soothe and protect your lips while delivering a retro 90s shine that’s sure to pop in all of your selfies.

Tower28 Lip Jelly

Founder Amy Liu shared that the vision for Tower28 stems from her own personal skincare struggles, informed by her expertise in the beauty industry.

“I’ve had sensitive skin my entire adult life,” Liu shared in a note on her brand’s website. “Sensitive skin can take so many forms, but for me it means eczema. After 15+ years working as a beauty executive, I was frustrated that my sensitive, problem skin meant I was limited to brands that felt clinical, like someone in a lab coat was selling to me.”


“If you have sensitive skin, you’ve heard the terms: hypo-allergenic, fragrance-free, dermatologist-tested,” Liu added. “It’s a start but that doesn’t mean the product is good for you! At Tower28, we know that what goes on your skin also goes in your bloodstream. We also know that beauty doesn’t have to be so serious, which is why our products are non-toxic, free of sensitizing irritants, full of calming, nourishing ingredients, plus a healthy dose of FUN. Not to mention vegan + cruelty-free.”

You can shop all of Tower28’s debut products on the brand’s online shop now!

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