7 Touchscreen Gloves to Make Life Easier This Winter

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Fingers are tough enough to get warm. If you wear mittens, you’ll have to kiss texting goodbye. You could try to grapple with the keyboard, but unless you want to send something like “vbiuvaesuihcvdszlihcaieuhaic,” touchscreen gloves will serve you much better. You still have to be wise when choosing gloves. If you wear something bulky and cotton the same “avdfvaehlsiwlcnqaepmfxe” will probably occur. So, before winter comes and turns your fingers blue, take the time to find some gloves you can text with. I’ve found some pretty handy ones to keep you warm and cute this holiday season.


Plush Convertible Fingerless Glove

Urban Outfitters Plush Fingerless Gloves
Image Courtesy of UrbanOutfitters.com

If you love mittens, these gloves will give you mitten coverage without making your fingers completely useless. For hurried short walks, you can slip on the mitt piece for plush cozy warmth. If you need to glance at your phone or take a selfie at the bus stop, you can slip off the mitt for easy phone access. They’re not technically touchscreen gloves, but for just $22, it’s a steal that’s too efficient to pass on!

Navy Cashmere Fingerless Mittens

Navy Cashmere Fingerless Mittens
Image Courtesy of Nordstrom.com

These text friendly gloves employ the convertible idea with a little more warmth. The thick cuffs and separate thumb patch might make it a little trickier to type with your thumbs, but the fabric isn’t too thick. A screen will still be able to detect you touch through the material. These cashmere gloves are a bit of an investment at $150, but you’re guaranteed a nice, warm hand.

Diamond Cable Knit Tech Gloves

Image Courtesy of Gap.com

If you don’t want the extra warmth of mittens, you can get away with some soft, thin touchscreen gloves. In most situations, gloves may serve you better than convertible mittens. You won’t be flipping a warm cover on and off. These cable knit gloves mix wooly warmth with a tight-fitting material you can text in. Warm texting made is made easy with these tech gloves.

ASOS Leather and Knit Mix Gloves

Image Courtesy of Asos.com

Firstly, I would like to point out that these gloves are made and sold by ASOS. This means that along with being warm and functional, they’re f****ing trendy. ASOS hardly ever disappoints. If you’re looking for something warmer and more casual than the traditional leather glove, you found it. The fingertips are intentionally thinner in insulation so that you can type away with ease. If your look is city chic, these are a must have.

Bow Tech Gloves

tech gloves
Image Courtesy of KateSpade.com

Leather gloves with matching bows make you look like a true vintage lady. Rather than a thinning of material at the fingertips, these gloves are coated with a substance that makes them recognizable to touch screens. Don’t freeze as you check your emails in the snow. Keep these sexy Kate Spade designs on your hands and you’ll be warm and professional all at once.

Women’s Black/White Houndstooth Gloves

Image Courtesy of Target.com

Remember when Richard Magazine told you Target had its act together when it came to fashion? These touch screen gloves are proof. With the recognizable houndstooth design adorning the front, you’ll get a warm classic feel with contemporary patterning. From casual nights to formal dinners, these smartphone gloves will be a star element as part of almost any outfit you wear this winter.

Touch-Stud Tech Gloves

Image Courtesy of Nordstrom.com

These are the only brown pair of tech gloves on this list. It’s not that I dislike brown gloves. They just have a tendency to edge towards old-fashioned looks. The studs running up and down the backs of this pair help them appear more modern. Light, sophisticated, and touch-screen compatible, wear these tech gloves to parties or on the street to look refined and chic. Now, you’re ready for an evening of owning the cold and your text messages with this list of handy touchscreen gloves!

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