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These 12 Brands’ Graphics Were Named 2018’s Best Beauty Logos In the World

As any self-professed beauty junkie knows, sometimes product packaging can be almost as important as the contents of the bottles and jars themselves. Because after all, makeup, haircare, and skincare are all about making ourselves look and feel our best, and it helps when those products come housed in eye-catching and mood-boosting little containers. But have you ever given much thought to your favorite brands’ logos?

The team at DesignRush decided to unpack the top beauty logos of 2018, ranking brand imagery based on a variety of factors involving their effectiveness in standing out to their target customers, enticing shoppers, and growing loyalties. Among the highest honors were some of our all-time favorites, like Yves Saint LaurentFenty BeautyNARSUrban DecayKiehl’s, and more.

Here’s how they performed:

1. Fenty Beauty by Rihanna


3. Stila

4. Estee Lauder

5. Origins

6. Aveda

7. Urban Decay

8. Benefit Cosmetics

9. Yves Saint Laurent

10, Glossier

11. Kiehl’s

12. It Cosmetics

DesignRush also compiled an infographic detailing why these top beauty logos stick out in the competitive landscape that is cosmetics shopping in 2018. (View as PDF here.) For example, Fenty Beauty’s logo is sleek and strong, like their product offerings. Stila’s stamp is playful, creative and fun, like its innovative and artistic cosmetics. Yves Saint Laurent’s monogram signature YSL logo is an iconic prestige label that is instantly recognizable. And Glossier’s subtle and streamlined branding echoes the minimalistic and trendy element of their products.

“It’s important to stay up with the times. It’s important to utilize design trends and capitalize on popular shifts in style. This keeps brands on their toes, it keeps them interesting. And it keeps consumers equally interested in them,” DesignRush shared. “In a logo design, a brand can say a lot. It can display a history and a prestige. It can emphasize a moral value or important characteristic. It can evoke a specific emotion. And considering the hundreds of beauty brands that exist today, it’s every brand for itself.”

It’s so cool to see the effects behind logo design mastery!

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Lead image via Dreamstime, story art via DesignRush


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