top 10 most-searched beauty brands

These Are the 10 Most-Searched Beauty Brands on the Internet Right Now

There’s no denying that online shopping, influencer content, and branded social media accounts have changed the beauty industry forever. We can now easily find our next favorite mascara, support an indie makeup company, or uncover a surprisingly effective bargain buy while scrolling our feeds. The list of the top 10 most-searched beauty brands on the internet right now, as released by WWD and SimilarWeb, show that it is trendy, creative, and affordable brands that are consistently at the top of our minds right now.

We love featuring end-of-the-year roundup lists exposing the hottest brands of a calendar year, quarter, or season. But now, there’s a mid-year look at industry moves that’s capturing our attention. SimliarWeb’s trend list includes a report measuring cosmetics brands’ searched site traffic from April 2019. Web-exclusive beauty labels like ColourPop Cosmetics and Glossier are not surprising chart-toppers, nor are traditional, budget-friendly customer favorites like L’Oreal and E.L.F. But you may not be able to predict all of the most influential web labels!

The current top 10 most-searched beauty brands on the internet and their site visits are:

1. ColourPop Cosmetics, 2.09 million site visits

2. Jeffree Star Cosmetics, 2.06 million

3. Avon, 1.82 million

4. Younique Products, 1.23 million.

5. Glossier, 1.16 million

6. L’Oreal Paris USA, 1.11 million

7. BH Cosmetics, 1.05 million

8. Tarte Cosmetics, 1.01 million

9. MAC Cosmetics, 1 million

10. ELF Cosmetics, 991,000

Are your favorite beauty brands on the list? Have you been contributing to all that volume of search traffic? We are excited to see how customer interest keeps driving online beauty shopping!

top 10 most-searched beauty brands

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Story imagery via ColourPop Cosmetics and Glossier


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