Tom Ford Runway Color

Tom Ford Debuts Spring 2018 Runway Color Makeup Collection

Have you ever watched a designer’s runway presentation and become completely transfixed by the makeup looks? It’s only natural, considering the best catwalk moments are the ones elevated with equally fabulous beauty styling. Well, the Tom Ford Runway Color is now bringing the latest Fashion Week styles right to your vanity table. The luxury brand has released the unique products used in bringing the Spring/Summer 2018 collection to life.

Tom Ford Runway ColorImage Source: Tom Ford Runway Color

Model Karen Elson stars in the futuristic-inspired campaign for the products, showing off glossy lids, jet black eye makeup, and her sky-high cheekbones.

“I built my career on being this off-kilter person,” the star has previously shared. “So the shoots I do are never boring.”

The Tom Ford Runway Color is comprised of three bold new products that will help you craft bold, head-turning, and ripped-from-the-runway styles yourself. You can use them all together to maximize their effects, or add one to your regular beauty wardrobe to kick it up a few notches.

Tom Ford Runway ColorImage Source: Tom Ford Runway Color

First up is the SS18 Eye Gloss, which is used to give your lids a dewy, glossy sheen. “Lacquer lids with sleek, translucent gleam for a wet, second-skin look designed to highlight every skin tone,” the brand shared about this product. This look is so in for 2018, and this is a simply step to craft the Instagram-ready style yourself.

Next, the brand has unveiled the SS18 Shade and Illuminate product, to sculpt your entire face with. “Draw light onto the skin to brighten and lift with the light shade, and use the dark shade to define and contour your natural bone structure,” the brand advised.

Finally, there is the SS18 Shadow Extreme, a sparkly eyeshadow hue that you can use as a lid color, liner, and beyond. “A carbon black shade in a glittering finish creates a glamorously decadent eye,” Tom Ford explained. “Apply the sparkling pailette shadow over the graphic shape and eye gloss.”

You can shop the entire Tom Ford Runway Color beauty collection on the designer’s website now.

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