There’s A Whole Lot To Love About These Wedding Hair Trends

So you may not be trying to squeeze that long-awaited wedding in before summer ends, but 80 percent of your friends are and it’s freaking you out. You’re not necessarily afraid for them to march up the aisle. That’s a whole other set of problems we here at Richard Magazine have no expertise in. Rather, you can feel the anxiety coming on due merely to the number of festive hairdos you’ll have to assemble between now and mid-September. Time to put such fashion-related stress to rest. These next few weeks might be packed with ceremony after ceremony, but you can be ready for this flood of weddings with just a few simple hairstyling tips. Odds are you can even steer clear of that dreaded sock bun in the process. Turns out styling your hair for matrimonial occasions isn’t complicated when you’re properly informed.

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Definitely more for a bachelorette party than a wedding ceremony, bejeweled clips like this have excellent attitude. Fasten one on post-wedding and pre-reception to add some spice to your refined festive hairdo.

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Why not assist your comb-out with a glorious headpiece of epic proportions? Dolce & Gabbana’s latest accessories line makes this hairstyle solution super easy as long as your pocketbook can handle it.

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When gathering your hair into twisted princess braids or tossing it into an updo feels like too much work, go the simple route. A silver clip behind your ear can do wonders. Just look at Bella Hadid rocking it for Bottega Veneta.

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The braided clump everyone and her sister wears to their friend’s wedding, a twirly look like this rules on the runway or down the aisle. It’s true achievement is blurring the lines between unkempt and refined. Put-together never look this tastefully disheveled.

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You’ve never seen a lopsided loop like this before? Well, you just haven’t been looking hard enough. We told you ponytails were more versatile than they appeared earlier this week. That advice still rings true when you’re prepping for the bestie’s wedding.

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Let down your voluminous barrel and give those tight curls room to rustle in the breeze. Yet another underrated hairstyle that’s finally earning the admiration it deserves, wavy is quickly becoming the new fairy tale braid of wedding hairdos.

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A pronounced center part seems too stark and professional for wedding hair, but this classic style isn’t as stiff as you think. If you drape half your hair freely over one eye, it’s the perfect sexy wedding look for picking up a handsome groomsman.

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We get that you’ve been told never to wear black at a wedding and for the most part we concur with that advice. However, ebony ribbon is the exception to that rule. In a fashion world where grayscale clothing is everywhere, it will keep modern chic in your wedding wardrobe.

Wedding hairstyles shouldn’t freak you out. Not only are there plenty of options, you can alter each style multiple ways to create a vast array of excellent ceremonial looks. Quit lamenting your calendar full of weddings and start practicing a new hairstyle. The fun is just beginning!


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