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Hicham Benslimane and Fay Riviere of The Royals Paris Share the History Behind Their Line – Exclusive

The Royals is a fashion brand that’s all about luxury – and all of us could use a little bit more of that in our wardrobes. Or at least score major inspiration from ultra-glamourous pieces. Richard Magazine recently caught up with The Royals designers Hicham Benslimane and Fay Riviere to hear all about their brand’s evolution, recent Fashion Week experience, and their long-term design plans. Check out our exclusive Q & A below.

Richard Magazine: Your brand was previously named Royal Legacy – why the switch to The Royals Paris?

Hicham Benslimane: The switch from Royal Legacy to The Royals came after an artistic vision evolution, so we felt like a new brand has to be born. We are two designers behind the brand, Fay Riviere and myself, so it made more sense to be referring to the minds behind the luxury fashion house “The Royals.”

Richard Magazine: What does royalty mean to you?

Hicham Benslimane: Royalty for us has nothing to do with power or decision-making. It’s more about a lifestyle, and a way of living. That’s why we thrive at every collection to make it royal chic and glamorous.

Richard Magazine: Can you describe the Royals customer?

Hicham Benslimane: The Royals customers are the elite of society, men and women who are confident, unique, and outstanding.

Richard Magazine: Tell us about your latest collection and what inspired it.

Hicham Benslimane: The inspiration behind our last collection is the Parisian architecture and its glorious colors. It’s a collection full of bold styles and unique cuts, a medley of textures and fabrics suitable for our international customer to wear for both day and night.

Richard Magazine: How is this collection different from your previous one?

Hicham Benslimane: This collection is complimentary to our previous one, because if its statement pieces that can easily be styled and incorporated with our Spring/Summer ’17. It’s like the continuity of the royal lifestyle puzzle.

Richard Magazine: Do you have a favorite season to design for?

Hicham Benslimane: We like and enjoy the design process of every season, but Summer is our most favorite one. Because we have fun with the colors, cuts, and designs. It’s a season that allows us to be more bold and creative with our designs, and also with our shows around the world.

Richard Magazine: Describe your creative process when designing and preparing for Fashion Week.

Hicham Benslimane: Fashion Week is a very holy time for us. It’s fun, but also very stressful. It starts by putting down the theme of the collection then carrying on with the sketching and choice of fabrics. It’s an extremely detailed process, and needs all of our time and attention. Then comes the fun of touring all over Europe and the US with our collection. Seeing the appreciation of our art on people’s eyes is very rewarding, and makes it worth our while. It’s just priceless.

Richard Magazine: When did you first realize you wanted to be a designer?

Fay Riviere: I realized that I wanted to be a designer since ever I was young, because I use to redesign the designer clothes that my parents were offering me. I always had a specific idea about the piece I wanted, but never found exactly as the one I had in mind.

Hicham Benslimane: I realized I wanted to be a designer when I was in middle school. I used to sketch and imagine different outfits on my classmates when everybody was listening to what the teacher had to say. It was just obvious that that’s what I like and was meant to do.

Richard Magazine: Who would you love to dress in your designs?

Hicham Benslimane: We’ve been lucky to work with celebrities and icons from all over the world , but if we get to choose one, it would be Sarah Jessica Parker. She’s such an icon of style, class, and glamour.

Richard Magazine: Who’s your style icon?

Hicham Benslimane: My style icon is Sarah Jessica Parker because of the way she wear the clothes, and own every piece she put on. It’s an absolute treat for the eyes.

Richard Magazine: Do you have a designer you look up to?

Fay Riviere: Karl Lagerfeld for his avant-garde style he does for Fendi.

Hicham Benslimane: I’ve always looked up to Karl Lagerfeld. The passion he did put on each piece he designed is out of this world. His talent and vision will live for decades, I’m sure.

Richard Magazine: What are your favorite hobbies outside of design?

Hicham Benslimane: When I’m not busy designing or leading shows I like to travel, discover the world, meet people, get inspired. I also love dogs. I have an English bulldog – his name is Marley.

Richard Magazine: Is there a specific type of fabric or embroidery that you often use in your designs?

Hicham Benslimane: I use a lot of silk in my designs. I believe that’s one of the finest and richest fabrics a person can wear.

Richard Magazine: What’s your favorite fashion trend right now?

Hicham Benslimane: My favorite fashion trend right now is the headpiece. I think it’s very cool and bold.

Richard Magazine: What’s a trend you wish would go away?

Hicham Benslimane: I wish the nose piercing trend will go away and never come back. It’s just not cool.

Richard Magazine: What are three staple pieces you think everyone should own in their wardrobe?

Hicham Benslimane: I think every women needs to have a pair of nude heels, black cocktail dress, and a piece of The Royals collection.

Richard Magazine: Tell us about your personal sense of style and how you like to dress.

Fay Riviere: I like to dress avant-garde. And something that is definitely not common because if there is something i dislike is to have a déjà vu style.

Hicham Benslimane: My sense of style depends on my mood, but I’m in black most of the time. That’s my favorite color. I also like to mix fabrics like suede with leather.

Richard Magazine: What advice would you go back and give yourself when you were just starting out?

Hicham Benslimane: I would say to not be afraid of the future and of what people might think and to just go for it.

Fay Riviere: I think I would have said, “You should have done it before now.”

Richard Magazine: What would your younger self think about what you’re up to now?

Fay Riviere: I am not surprised of where I am today, because since ever I was young, I used to be first at school. And I have always been very ambitious. And I knew that a boring and common life was not for me.

Hicham Benslimane: My younger self would be very proud of where I’m now and how much stronger and wiser I got. Sometimes I reflect on the past and how I was, and I can’t help but feel very grateful and happy of where I am today. Life is good.

Richard Magazine: What can we expect to see next from you?

Hicham Benslimane: We are present in two fashion capitals so far, Paris and Los Angeles. But we are looking to expand to New York and London.

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