How Do You Find the Right Hairbrushes?

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You buy makeup and hair products catered specifically to your beauty needs, so why wouldn’t you purchase a hairbrush designed for your hair type? You choose a salon with care because you know hair impacts your look in a big way. The wrong trim can turn you into a walking disaster. The same thing is true of hairbrushes. Using the wrong hairbrush is like trying to apply eye shadow with your blush brush. It’s ineffective and might even be harmful.

When it comes to your health, never grab the first thing you find off the shelf and assume it will work. Take the time to learn some basics and then shop carefully. Think about how beautiful your hair can be if you care for it properly. Anything from a fun, bouncy blowout to long, raven locks! All you need is the right hairbrush.

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Let’s start with a little bristle brush talk. Brushes come with natural bristles, synthetic bristles, or some combination of the two. While synthetic bristles don’t work for everyone, natural bristle hairbrushes are for all. King of the natural bristle is boar’s hair. It’s gentle, helps smooth the cuticle, and redistributes sebum to moisturize your scalp. A natural bristle brush will leave any head beautiful and glossy. While boar’s bristle is a sure bet, if you want to dig deeper there are plenty of other brush varieties to help create more unique looks.

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Unlike natural bristles, synthetic bristles are rougher on your hair. They don’t absorb or help distribute the natural oils on your scalp and are less flexible than boar’s head bristles. They are so stiff they can end up causing damage if used too aggressively. For the safety of your scalp, go with a natural brush whenever possible.

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Mixed brushes are affectionately known as porcupine brushes. They work best on thick hair. The combination of stubborn nylon quills and flexible boar bristles is soothing and stubborn. It will disperse soothing natural oils over your scalp while still detangling the coarser clumps. Why not kill two birds with one brush?

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Get your head out of the fetish gutter. Paddle brushes are known for their air-filled rubber cushion base. As you brush your hair, the soft cushion massages you scalp and smooths out your hair. This brush is popular with people who have straight hair. Its flexibility makes it easy to gently brush the whole length of a long, straight strand.

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You need to be careful with metal hairbrushes. Don’t use it while your hair is drying. The stiff base and firm bristles will pull and tear as you drag it through. Use this brush as a finisher to hold some curls in place or create some height at your roots. You can be price and smooth down a final look right before you head out for the day.

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These brushes are perforated to help decrease blow-drying time. The holes give them a liberating quality since they allow your hair to breathe as you brush. It’s very good at enhancing texture and creating volume. If you want to maintain your blowout without too much effort, this is the brush for you. It works well as a setting brush too.

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Combs are for subtle styling touches in most cases, but I’m including them on this list because you should be aware of them along with hairbrushes. They can be quite handy. If you have stubborn clumps to detangle, try a wide-tooth comb as you shower. To smooth over a finished do or tease a bit of hair up in front or over the ears, use a fine-toothed comb. Brushes are for big-picture stuff. Combs are for the final details.

Now you are a brush expert. Next time you’re shopping for hair products, do yourself a favor. Take the time to find a good hairbrush. Your hair is counting on you.


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