Facial Assistance: The Guide to Beard Dyeing

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We saved you from becoming Ryan Lochte and having bananas uninvitedly pop into your head. Thanks to us, you won’t have a green-blonde stain on your head that looks like you just lost a battle with a drunk adult coloring book fanatic. Your hair is going to look great. That pure new color you picked, the one that matches your skin tone, will blend perfectly with the rest of your… Wait a second! You can’t reinvent your hair color without having a beard to match. That’s just going to look awful. Men who run around with blonde hair and brown beards are douchey hipsters. We have nothing against them, but unless you want to be a labeled as one, it’s time for some beard dyeing tips. The steps are simple. You just need to know what you’re doing.

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The principle of using a gel or another substance to guard against accidentally staining your face applies to beards too. Rub a nice coat of Vaseline along the border of your beard, above your cheeks and under your chin. If you have patches under your lip, spread some there too. A patchy dyed face looks infected. Avoid at all costs. Drawing in the lines is important. Take care to do so.


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Once your face is prepped, mix the color base with the color developer. Most beard-dyeing kits come with a plastic tray and brush to mix and apply with. Mix the two substances until they blend into a unified tone. The amount of dye you need depends on the length and thickness of your beard. It should be self-explanatory but we’ll spell it out for you because we’re nice. The longer and thicker your beard, the more dye you should use.

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Use your mixing brush and spread the dye mixture throughout your beard. If your beard is long, your will have to brush more thoroughly to reach the entirety of every hair. Do not use your fingers. Patchy fingers don’t look any better than a patchy face. If your beard is a bit patchy, take extra care to only dye the sections with hair. Don’t try painting on your beard, dude. You’re not a clown or a desperate adolescent. Neither is attractive.

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After brushing on the dye, it’s time to rinse off. The kit will tell you how long you need to let the dye settle before rinsing it out. This can be anywhere from 2 – 7 minutes. Listen to the kit’s instructions. If you rinse too early, you’ll have to head back to the top of this article and start again. Too long, and the dye will settle in and could over-dye your hair. (This is when colors like green and purple accidentally emerge.) It all goes back to those hipsters again. Unless you want to make a confusing fashion statement, steer clear of unintentional beard colors. (If you’re into that kind of thing, enjoy the inspiration below.)

You did it. You’ve made it through your beard dyeing tutorial and now you can be confident your newly dyed face will be consistent and awesome looking.



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