The Finest and Most Fashionable Athletes

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Most athletes might be without fashion prowess, but there are a few who take the time to care about their wardrobe and social presentation. Talk about sexy! When a ripped athlete walks out dressed to the nines, “dress to impress” takes on a whole new meaning. Designer clothes on chiseled bodies equal I-can’t-take-my-f***ing-eyes-of-you excitement. Imagine someone who isn’t just fit, but knows how to flex and maneuver their muscles with expertise! Yeah. Let’s get on with it and ogle the six most fashion athletes before I’m drowning in a pool of drool.



You can bet he’s got tremendous thighs and a beautiful chest. The soccer legend also knows how to present himself. He’s got a wardrobe full of sleek suits and tuxedos tailored to highlight his ideal figure. He also knows how to comb his hair, a rare trait among soccer players. No wonder he’s in high demand!

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He’s had the right mix of triumph and controversy to be a true sports star. He may be a little premature calling himself the King, but at least he knows how to dress like one. His staple? Tom Ford three-piece suits. Granted, he usually tags on some white sneakers to keep it real, but when you’re the King you do chic your way.

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Now you can wear it like Beckham too. From his collaboration with H&M on undergarments to his reintroduction of the sleeve garter [how to roll up your sleeves article plug] Beckham has become an inspiration for many the fashion-conscious male. It must mean something to reach iconic status in two industries.

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The snowboard pioneer has partnered with Roxy to create a collection of outdoor gear that is both feminine and functional. The line’s use of sleek designs, on-trend colors, and innovative fabrics are a testament to Bright’s keen fashion sense. She can turn on the flair for red carpet appearances too. Who doesn’t like some bling with their brawn?

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Yeah. I’m telling you the most successful female race car driver is also one of the finest looking sports players. It’s another case of gritty brawn tempered with some graceful bling. When your endorsements include Tissot and William Rast, it’s pretty clear you’re a fashionista.

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We definitely fell in love with her on the tennis court, but Sharapova has always been about crafting herself a personal brand. Now a successful businesswoman as well as five-time Grand Slam champion, she has her own young collection inspired by her favorite red carpet looks over the years. She’s also good friends with Anna Wintour. That might be an even bigger feat than all those Grand Slams!

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When you’re a sports player, you don’t dress to impress. You dress to win. If that means sweats and headbands ten months out of every year, then you stock up and get to work. It’s not a fashion crime because you don’t have time to get dirty, clean up nice, and travel to the next place you’ll be getting dirty. Efficiency is the king. However, these six fashionable athletes excel both on and outside of the arena – and for that they earn a tip of our hat.



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