The Colorful Retro Fashion of Hairspray Live

Earlier this week, America got a taste of rip-roarin’, foot-stompin’ Hairspray Live fashion. It was the perfect year to welcome back the sixties. Retro fashion and big hair aren’t the Broadway mainstays they used to be. What a welcome sight to see the Hairspray Live hairstyles towering to the sky and the cast decked out in dazzling purple, pink and fuchsia! Relive last night with me through the costumes of the wildly talented Hairspray Live cast. Candy kitsch retro fashion and sixties cheese, here we come!

Hairspray Live
Courtesy of Daily Mail


Ever imagine you would see Ariana Grande in conservative checkered skirt and blouse? Penny Pingleton may be everything the pop star is not, but that didn’t stop Grande from costuming up and pulling out the pigtails.

Hairspray Live! - Season 1
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This is Ariana Grande in her element. With a glittery emerald-green slip and crazy high white boots, the transformation from nerd to star was instantaneous. These boots are one of the fashion secrets of Hairspray Live. They were cheap and six inches, yet Grande was still determined to dance in them. Luckily, there were no spills.

hairspray fashion
Courtesy of Pure Derek Hough


Derek Hough is a dancer-choreographer in his own right, without any Hairspray Live glitz mixed in. With all his experience, the costume designers for last night’s show turned to him for guidance. Hough’s vintage host suit ended up being fashioned of metallic stretch material for flexibility during the dances.

Hairspray Live! - Season 2016
Courtesy of E!


Jennifer Hudson was the undisputed top star of the Hairspray Live cast. Her rendition of Motormouth Marybelle’s passionate songs for change was just what we needed to hear. Her outfits were fabulous too. Particularly iconic was the glittery golden pantsuit. What a great send-off for 2016 television.

hairspray live fashion
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With the siren power of Mae West, Harvey Fierstein’s final outfit of the Hairspray Live show was a voluptuous curvy red dress transforming the famous actor into a woman more convincingly than ever before. It’s as if all his incarnations as Edna Turnblad had been building up to that last reveal.

hairspray poodle dresses
Courtesy of AKNS


As the blonde antagonists of Hairspray, Kristin Chenoweth and Dove Cameron were dolled up in complimentary pink. You can’t always get away with this aggressive a display of color, but I think this was the perfect choice for Hairspray Live. Even the hairstyles were an ideal shade of pastel gold on these two national treasures.

Courtesy of NBC
Courtesy of NBC


We spend a lot of time trying to escape the vertically striped button-downs from Saved By the Bell days. Hairspray Live begs to differ. You can rock a sweater polo with colorful vertical stripes and look good in it!

martin short hairspray
Courtesy of Just Jared


This is an example of Hairspray Live fashion you can’t duplicate. When Martin Short comes out in a sportcoat covered in spring foliage, all you can do is cheer. This jacket took weeks to fashion and paint in such detail. Good thing it was Short who wore it for us. The man is hardly ever a disappointment.

Hairspray Live fashion
Courtesy of NYT


For perhaps the most glorious moment of the night, Jennifer Hudson was at it again. This time she was doing Effie White fashion impressions in a purple dress and gold belt. It may have been a little more pizzazz than the 60s could have mustered, but I still loved it.

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